EU countries agree on plan to reduce gas consumption by 15% – media


EU countries agreed on a plan to reduce gas consumption by 15%, – media

A number of states opposed the new measures and demanded exceptions, taking into account dependence on Russian gas.

< p> The EU countries agreed on an emergency plan to reduce gas consumption by 15%. The German news agency DPA wrote this on Twitter today, citing its sources.

As it became known, the EU plan provides for a voluntary reduction in the consumption of natural gas by member states by 15% from August this year to the end of March next year.

Who opposes the EU gas plan

On July 20, the European Commission demanded that EU member states submit a plan to reduce gas consumption by 15% to compensate for the drop in supplies from Russia.< /p>

Almost immediately, a number of countries opposed such measures. In particular, Spain became one of the ardent opponents of the plan. Thus, the government of the country stated that it would fight such a solution, which is neither “fair” nor “effective”.

“Spain does not support this proposal,” said Teresa, Minister of Ecological Transition of Spain Ribera. The official also noted that such steps were not previously discussed. Ribera addressed the population of the country with assurances that under no circumstances “Spanish families will not suffer from a gas or electricity cut in their homes.”

Portugal and Greece took a similar position.

As the Financial Times wrote, some countries came up with their own amendments to the plan. In particular, it was proposed to make a number of exceptions, taking into account the dependence of the state on Russian supplies and the volume of gas in storage facilities.

It is not yet known whether the plan approved by the European Union takes into account any of these changes.


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