EU plans to simplify the transfer of troops across Europe

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EU plans to simplify troop deployment across Europe

30 points to improve the transportation of troops and military equipment.

The European Union needs to improve transport routes to quickly transport troops and military equipment from one part of Europe to another. In particular, from West to East, taking into account the changes in the situation and the experience of helping Ukraine to counter Russian aggression. This was stated on Thursday, November 10, by EU High Representative Josep Borrell at a press conference in Brussels.

“It is critical for our defense to be able to move troops and military equipment quickly from one part of the EU to another, mainly from West to East, to our external borders, but also beyond them when we use military missions around the world. This requires the readiness of bridges, tunnels, roads and railways to transport military capabilities. Our military assistance to Ukraine has clearly demonstrated that this is of great importance,” he said.

The action plan to improve military mobility, reviewed and presented today by the European Commission, contains about 30 key measures. The main purpose is to ensure safer and faster movement of troops and military equipment across Europe.

“There are no special roads for military equipment – it uses the usual ways. But it is worth imagining what the weight of the Leopard tank is or what the length of the train transporting military equipment could be. Not all of our infrastructure is ready to accept such a weight and length. Therefore, we need to adapt the entire mobility system, so that our troops are ready for transport and use in a short time,” the EU High Representative said.

The European Defense Agency will further advance work on harmonizing the cross-border permit system, simplifying customs procedures and formalities at the borders, Borrell assured .

Member countries must address the shortcomings in their own strategic airlift capabilities, he adds.

“We must work closely with our partners on this, above all with NATO. Cooperation with NATO must be intensified, but it must be promoted with such partners as Ukraine and Moldova,” summed up the high representative EU official.

Recall that Polish Major General Piotr Tritek has been appointed commander of the European Union mission to train Ukrainian military personnel.

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