EU threatens Belarus with powerful sanctions for participation in the war against Ukraine

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EU threatened Belarus with strong sanctions for participation in the war against Ukraine

European The union condemned the launch of drones from Belarusian territory and called on Minsk not to participate in the military aggression of the Russian Federation.

The European Union condemns the use of the territory of Belarus for strikes against Ukraine. The EU also warned the country's ruling regime that Minsk's direct assistance to Russia's military aggression would entail new severe sanctions. This was stated by European Commissioner Oliver Vargei during the plenary session of the European Parliament, dedicated to the consideration of the role of Belarus in the war of Russia against Ukraine, the news agency Ukrinform reports on Thursday, October 20.

“In addition to the ongoing and even intensifying screaming violations of rights The Lukashenka regime has become an accomplice in the Russian war against Ukraine.The EU strongly condemned the involvement of Belarus in the aggression against Ukraine, called on Belarus to refrain from such actions and fulfill its own international obligations, including compliance with the non-proliferation treaty (of nuclear weapons – ed.),” he said.

According to him, to date, Belarusian troops have probably not been involved in direct hostilities on the territory of Ukraine. However, earlier Minsk, without any grounds, accused Ukraine of allegedly “preparing an attack on Belarus.”

Vargei believes that such accusations are aimed at further escalating the security situation in the entire region.

“While Belarusian troops are currently probably not taking a direct part in hostilities, the recent missile and drone strikes against Ukrainian civilians from the territory of Belarus are absolutely unacceptable,” the European Commissioner stressed.

He added that the majority of the population of Belarus opposes the active participation of the country in this criminal and cruel war. Vargei believes that the involvement of Minsk in this conflict will have disastrous consequences for the co-aggressor country and its sovereignty.

“We call on the Belarusian authorities to refrain from any further involvement of the country in these criminal actions. The decision to further draw the country into the EU will respond to the war with new and powerful restrictive measures. All those participating in this illegal aggressive war, all those guilty of war crimes will be held accountable,” he summed up.

from Belarus is low, but in the spring such a threat may increase significantly.

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