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EURO 2024. France – Netherlands: a terrible lack of realism, the match live

“EURO 2024. France – Netherlands: a terrible lack of realism, the match live”

The France team faces the Netherlands in the clash of Group D of Euro 2024.

EURO 2024. France – Netherlands: a terrible lack of realism, the match live

France 0: 0

EURO 2024. France – Netherlands: a terrible lack of realism, the match live

The Netherlands Live

21:37 – Simons écrase (36')

The player who belongs to PSG is puts himself in a striking position but misses his move and fortunately for the Blues who expose themselves a little more at the end of the first period of France – Netherlands. 

21:36 – Saliba on his feet (35')

After a missed pass from Griezmann, Frimpong projects himself very quickly, enters the area and follows up with a shot controlled by Saliba who defended well.  

21:33 – Griezmann ovationné (33')

On an exceptional defensive return, Antoine Griezmann received a nice ovation from the French supporters who made the travel for this France – Netherlands. 

21:33 – The first warning of this France – Pays- Low (32')

Schouten grabs Griezmann's jersey as the latter goes on the counterattack. Anthony Taylor calls a foul and receives a yellow card. 

21:31 – Dumfries vigilant (31')

Kanté tries to throw Thuram deep but Dumfries is not surprised and intervenes. 

The Inter striker had given Van Dijk the slip on this call but then struggled to organize himself. His shot ended up flying away. What an opportunity for the Blues in this France – Netherlands. There is a lack of offensive realism.

21:29 – Kanté still present (28')

As in the first match of the Blues in this Euro 2024, N'Golo Kanté is everywhere and manages to counter Reijnders' strike. 

21:27 – Gakpo doesn't find Depay (27')

Koundé asked for a foul at the start of the action but Anthony Taylor doesn't whistle. The Oranjes take advantage but don't finish well with this pass from Gakpo behind Depay. 

21:25 – Dumfries cannot straighten the course of the ball (24')

Depay's free kick is long but finds Dumfries' head but It's too complicated. The Inter full-back can only concede the goal kick in this France – Netherlands. 

21:24 – Simons at the dry cleaners (23')

Upamecano delays à made a decision and ended up getting a throw-in following the sliding tackle. by

The Juve midfielder is locked away by Dumfries but tries, despiteé everything, to cross but ça flees his teammates and the ball goes out of goal. 

21:21 – The Blues take the measure of the Dutch (20')

After a rather balanced first quarter of an hour, the French are better in this France – Netherlands and take control of the ball.

21:19 – A corner for the Blues (18')

Good movement from the Blues until Théo Hernandez who sees his cross blocked by Dumfries. 

This France – Netherlands is going in all directions and the goalkeepers are on fire. Maignan confirms his good start to Euro 2024 and makes another decisive save on Gakpo's strike. 

ANOTHER HUGE CHANCE IN THIS FRANCE – NETHERLANDS! Griezmann is found in the area and takes it first time but his attempt goes wide.

HOW FRANCE DIDN'T SCORE ? Rabiot is alone in front of Verbruggen but serves Griezmann who seems surprised. The captain of the evening cannot conclude. 

21:13 – The excellent return of Reijnders (13')

The Oranjes can thank their midfielder who extended this cross from Koundé with his head while Griezmann was in a good position. 

21:13 – Deschamps is standing (12')

The coach of the Blues got up and reframes his players in this start of France – Netherlands. 

21:11 – The Dutch in the tone (11')

Ronald Koeman's men have returned well to this France – Netherlands and have possession. The Blues are more wait-and-see even if they are rather solid defensively at the moment. 

21:10 – The solid intervention of Frimpong (10')

The Bayer Leverkusen player makes a very good start for France – Netherlands and justifies the choice of his coach to establish him. 

21:08 – Depay requests a penalty (8')

Depay takes the preferred position in front of Saliba before collapsing in the surface. Anthony Taylor does not whistle penalty despite the Dutch protests. 

21:08 – Van Dijk well placed (7')

Kanté projects himself and finds Kound&eac; who struggles à lift the ball on this center. Virgil Van Dijk, present at the near post, clears. 

Griezmann forces Verbruggen to make a superb save on the long shot from the Atlético Madrid player. This France – Netherlands started very strong. 

21:04 – Simons' fault (3' )

The French defense can breathe following the rejected corner. Simons makes a mistake and the Blues can break away at the start of France – Netherlands. 

WHAT A THRILL! Frimpong had outpaced Hernandez before crossing his shot but Maignan pushed on his supports to deflect for a corner with his fingertips. 


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