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EURO 2024. France - Netherlands: France is scared for the rest of the competition

“EURO 2024. France – Netherlands: France is worried about the rest of the competition”

In the shock of Group D of Euro 2024 and without Kylian Mpabb, the France team conceded. an infuriating draw against the Netherlands which did not allow him to validate his qualification for the round of 16.

EURO 2024. France - Netherlands: France is scared for the rest of the competition

France 0: 0

EURO 2024. France - Netherlands: France is scared for the rest of the competition

The Netherlands Live

12:30 – France, the only major nation still silent

Put &agrav; share the goal against his side signed Maximilian Wöber, the Austrian defender – who gave victory &agrav; France during the first match of the Blues in this Euro 2024 – the band à Deschamps has still not scored a single goal. The 2018 world champions are even the only major nation involved in this competition to be in this situation. Without being flamboyant, the English have already registered two achievements, thanks to à Bellingham and Kane. For their part, the Germans and Spaniards totaled seven and four goals in two matches.

11:55 – &amp ;quot;0-0 is good à take" puts Kingsley Coman into perspective

Another reaction after this frustrating 0-0 for the French team against the Netherlands, that of Kingsley Coman: "We didn't successfully completed make it happen. Çit happens sometimes, but 0-0 is good à take. With the quality é what we have, I am confident that it will be better with success and confidence. We learned about 4-4-2 on the day of the match. It's a system in which we played for years, çit doesn't change much, we played & in 4-4-2 or 4-3-3 for years" he explained on the microphone of RMC Sport.

11:36 – "We could have taken the advantage" estimates Deschamps

"We had at least five clear chances. We could have taken the advantage, even if they had 2 or 3 too. It was another intense match. The Netherlands were more cautious than usual. Physical problem? No, there was no preparation because we didn't have time. But compared to &agrav; The opponent had less than 36 hours of recovery. Despite everything, we responded on an athletic level" said Blues coach Didier Deschamps on M6 after the match against the Netherlands. From now on, see you on Tuesday June 25 for the French team. In the sights ? Victory and first place in the group.

11:28 – "The d&amp ;eacacutely, the disappointment was not having scored" regrets N'Golo Kanté

"It’s a mixed feeling. We had a good match overall. We were good defensively and we had chances, but the disappointment was not having scored. and not having achieved victory. But we are heading in the right direction. We were better than in the previous match. Now we have to prepare ourselves for the rest and hope to have first place" analyzed à At the end of the match, Blues midfielder N'Golo Kanté, elected man of the match against the Netherlands this Friday evening.

11:12 – Deschamps attemptsé by the option Bradley Barcola facing &agrav; Poland ?

Find solutions. This is what the staff of the French team will have to try to do to finally unlock the goal counter of the Blues in this Euro 2024. To achieve this, Didier Deschamps could proceed with der à some changes for the last group match, scheduled Tuesday June 25 against Poland, and particularly offensively. The track leading to Parisian Bradley Barcola would hold the rope: 'Barcola has qualities. This is why he is there. and he does good things à training too. Afterwards, he was never seen again. with us in a match like this… It's never obvious. Even though I hesitated a little &agrav; at the end (against the Netherlands, editor's note) to be able to put it in to make the difference, but I found the people able to do it. to respond on an athletic level. The team was rather well balanced in the sense that it was a good team. we were capable of creating danger and also defending well" he blurted out. at the M6 ​​microphone after the meeting.

11:05 – Marcus Thuram, in need of solutions

Olivier Giroud's succession at the forefront of the Blues' attack – he will retire from international football at the end of Euro 2024 – is shaping up to be trickier than expected. For the time being, Marcus Thuram seems to have the coach's confidence to take on the position. It is clear that success has eluded him since the start of the competition. Alone, with very little use from his teammates, Lilian's son has also missed out on technical accuracy, regularly with his back to goal against the Batavians. His pivot play has not yet allowed the French team to shake the net.

10:48 – Tchouaméni: “we're going to have to do better to win matches”

"We failed in the last gesture, whether it was the last pass or the last shot. We will have to do better to win the matches. We created ourselves. quite a few chances, we could have walked away with victory. There are things à rectify. The number one objective is to qualify and be first in the group. indicated Aurélien Tchouaméni, the midfielder of Real Madrid à after the match, disappointed by the team's offensive performance but not resigned to it. despite the glaring lack of efficiency.

10:42 – 0 goals in two matches in a Euro: a first re (worrying) and historic

During this Euro 2024, France did not score a single goal thanks to & agrave; one of his players. And after two matches in a Euro, it is a question of a first in the entire history of the Blues. Until then, the French team had always scored at least one goal after two matches in the group stage. Now remains at your disposal. Didier Deschamps and his men à rectify the situation during the final group match before the final phase, Tuesday, against Poland. 

10:24 – Didier Deschamps not worried by the lack of realism of his players

Second match for the Blues, and still no goal scored (the goal against Austria was an own goal by an Austrian defender). A statistic that does not worry the coach of the French team, Didier Deschamps, any more than he did, as he indicated at the end of the match against the Netherlands (0-0) this Friday evening: “I am not worried. What would worry me is if we didn't have any chances. There are matches where we only have two chances. There were more. Efficiency at the very highest level is an important element. We have a lot of room for improvement at this level”.

10:12 – “It's shitty football”, a former Dutch international castigates Deschamps

While Les Bleus can legitimately consider themselves frustrated after their performance and the opportunities they have had, coach Didier Deschamps must this morning endure heavy criticism from former Dutch international Pierre van Hooijdonk (46 caps), who did not mince his words about the French coach's choices in the columns of Voetbal. “Both teams took the point they wanted. They approached the match in this way.” On the other hand, “Deschamps… There wasn't Mbappéé and he put Rabiot (on the left) when he could have put Kolo Muani, Barcola, Coman… With all this equipment at his disposal, it's crappy football". 

10:03 – Griezmann: “we have to be more killers in the final move"

The glaring lack of efficiency of the Blues, particularly this Friday against the Netherlands perhaps illustrated; by inefficiency offensive from Antoine Griezmann, author of only 3 goals in his last 31 selections. "I’have had two occasions whereù çit sticks with me, it’s a real shame. But there is nothing alarming, we must continue to do so. work and çit will come. There are times when the ball doesn't want to go in, you have to stay calm, confident and work to ensure that it comes back. I think that's what we need to improve offensively. &Be more killer and try to score. The defense and midfielders are doing a remarkable job. It’is à us to score in front" he declared. &agrav; the end of the match.

09:54 – The different scenarios for the Blues to qualify for the round of 16

The Blues will have to validate their ticket for the round of 16 of the Euro during their last match of the group stage against Poland, on Tuesday June 25. Several scenarios would allow Deschamps' men to achieve this first objective: 

  • France does not lose against Poland;
  • France loses against Poland but Austria does not win against the Netherlands;
  • France loses to Poland but the Netherlands loses to Austria with a bigger goal difference;
  • France finishes 3rd, and is one of the four best 3rds in the competition who are qualified for the round of 16.< /li>

09:32 – Kanté, the best Frenchçais, in vain

< p>Voted man of the match by UEFA, the French midfielder has multiplied his skills in the game. all four corners of the field against the Netherlands, in vain. The Al-Ittihad player kept his lead. an activity remarkable in the midfield of the Blues, he notably won 4 duels and completed 57 passes out of 64 attempts. Altruistic, technically correct and physically impactful, he has the same qualities as à his habit, fulfilled breaches and "recoveredé" some poorly taken shots for the French team. He even got the last opportunity. of the Blues, in stoppages of play, without success. 

09:13 – Goal refusal& ;eacute; for the Netherlands, the Blues avoid catastrophe

Les Bleus avoided the worst in the 70th minute with a goal that was ultimately disallowed for offside by the Netherlands, when Dumfries got in the way of French goalkeeper Mike Maignan to save a shot from former Parisian Xavi Simmons. Despite this big scare twenty minutes from the end, Deschamps' men are getting closer to qualifying for the last 16 of this Euro. Since the competition was expanded to 24 teams in 2016, no team with four points at the end of the group stage has failed to qualification.

08:52 – The French Team cursed without Mbappé ?

There is reason to become superstitious. If the Blues did not manage to get rid of the Dutch pressure, last night in their second match of Euro 2024, everything cannot rest on the absence of their star player, Kylian Mbappé, far from it. On the other hand, one statistic attests to the capital importance of the ex-PSG player in Deschamps' system. In the last 6 matches of the French team started without Kylian Mbappé, the Blues have never won, for a total of 4 draws and 2 defeats.

08:37 – No goals scored in two matches

After its first two matches in the competition, it is clear that the Blues attack remains at half mast. No goals were scored. registered so far. Indeed, during the first match won against Austria, it was an own goal from one of the players. Austrian defender who allowed the Blues to take the score. Kolo-Muani, Thuram, Mbappé, Giroud, Dembélé… The star attackers of the French team have not yet managed to achieve their goals. find the solution to swing the matches in their favor. A constant that we will have to try to erase during the next match, firstly to ensure qualification for the round of 16 – it will be against Poland (already & (eliminated) – Tuesday June 25, but above all to regain confidence in the future. the approach of the final phase of the competition and the elimination matches.

08:30 – "The important thing is to create these situations"

If the score remains the same blank, the content of the match nevertheless reassures the Blues. "There are periods whenù everything fits, others où it's more complicated. The important thing is to create these situations. With the quality é what we have, I have confidence that çit will be better with success and confidence" indicated Coman à the outcome of the meeting. Comments confirmed by N'Golo Kant&eac;, the midfielder of the French team who has multiplied in number this Friday evening. "We are going in the right direction, we were better than against Austria".

08:25 – Adrien Rabiot, symbol of blue's lack of precision

The biggest chance of the match is credit the depositary of the blue game, Antoine Griezmann. We are playing the 13th minute of play when Adrien Rabiot inherits the ball at home. proximity Dutch nets, with the possibility of clear to try his luck to open the core. In this wild match, the Juventus player from Turin surely showed too much altruism by trying to serve Antoine Griezmann on his left, not really in the best position to ensure its strike. The latter completely misses his attempt and the ball is lost by Deschamps' men. 

08:19 – L'&eacute ;French team clumsy in front of goal

8. This is the number of shots off target by the French team during its second Euro 2024 match against the Netherlands. An inefficiency chronic since the start of the competition which raises questions and which should give headaches to everyone. Didier Deschamps and his staff. However, it's not for lack of trying. Rabiot (13th), Thuram (28th and 60th), then Giroud (74th) all had clear opportunities to shake the nets. But success seemed flee the 2018 world champions. "France had the best opportunities" declared Dutch coach Ronald Koeman & the outcome of the meeting.

08:13 – Dominating is not winning, the Blues ineffective

The Blues and the Netherlands parted in the first goalless draw of this Euro 2024 (0-0) at the top of this group D. With this result, both & Teams have four points after two matches. Didier Deschamps' men nevertheless had the opportunities to allow them to make the difference against the Oranje. They shot &agrav; 16 occasions, while their Dutch counterparts did not test. reliability by Mike Maignan, the blue doorman whom'à 8 times. The Blues also had possession (58% vs. 42%) and carried out their goal. almost twice as many passes as their opponents. A lack of efficiency which could cost the Blues dearly in the rest of the competition, and which does not allow them to qualify this Friday evening for the round of 16 of the Euro in Germany.

06:30 – The Oranje still silent against the Blues

Aprè s the end of Euro 2020, Ronald Koeman's players competed for the title. 36 matches. In these contested matches, they did not score. &agrav; twice: the first time on March 24, 2023 facing à France and last night again against Didier Deschamps' men. 

04:00 – Another goalless score for the Blues

0-0s are becoming a habit for the Blues in major competitions. Since their first 0-0 in 1992, the Blues have achieved their goal. 12 goalless draws in the World Cups and Euros. This is more than any other team over the period. 

02:00 – Verbruggen's impressive stats

This n' is perhaps the symbol of Dutch apathy during this France – Netherlands. The Dutch goalkeeper Verbruggen has achieved this goal. 40 passes in this meeting and managed 39. A record since 1980 in a Euro for a goalkeeper having made at least 40 passes. 

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