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EURO 2024. France - Poland: a draw which complicates the life of the Blues, the summary

“EURO 2024. France – Poland: a draw which complicates the life of the Blues, the summary”

The French team could not do better than a draw for its last match of the group stage of the Euro and finished at 3:00. 2nd place in his group.

EURO 2024. France - Poland: a draw which complicates the life of the Blues, the summary

France 1 : 1

EURO 2024. France - Poland: a draw which complicates the life of the Blues, the summary

Poland Live

23:30 – A first for Mbappé

At the end of the evening, Kylian Mbappé scored a penalty goal, the French captain's first goal in a European championship.

22:55 – The path gets more complicated

By moving into the second half of the table, France could meet Portugal in the quarter-finals before potentially facing the winner of Spain-Germany in the last four. 

22:20 – Mbappé égale Fontaine

Author of a penalty this evening, Kylian Mbappé equal to Just Fontaine in the number of goals scored with France in major tournaments (World Cup + EURO), with thirteen goals. The French çais captain is à a goal from Michel Platini. 

21:55 – The Blues' potential opponents

< p>In the round of 16 of Euro 2024, France could face four teams from Group E: 

The Blues' potential opponents in the round of 16 of Euro 2024:

  • Romania
  • Belgium
  • Slovakia
  • Ukraine

21:30 – Potential quarter against Portugal!

Second in Group D, the French fall into the lower part of the Euro 2024 table with Germany, Spain and Portugal. In the quarter-finals, the Blues could also face the winner of Euro 2016!

21:05 – Deschamps: "Not the place we wanted"

Didier Deschamps at the microphone of TF1: "I'm not frustrated. The goal was to take first place but we had to win. From the moment when ù we don't win, we have to accept it. We did the right thing, we had chances. We have to appreciate what we have done. The first objective is achieved even if we don't have the place we wanted. Regrets? We did what we could do. We could have done better in terms of efficiency, even if the goalkeeper made some good saves. We haven't been there yet. able to put oneself à the shelter."

20:40 – The summaryé of the match

Les Bleus missed a great opportunity! Facing Poland, already eliminated, the French team was aiming for first place in Group D. With an eleven without Griezmann and with Barcola, Didier Deschamps' players faced a snarling Poles despite a match without any stakes for them. Zielinski tried his luck but it ended in Maignan's gloves. Beyond this Polish opportunity, Ousmane Dembélé and his comrades very often put Skorupski's goal in danger, in vain. Lacking efficiency, the French attack lacked efficiency and accuracy in the final move. The Poles very often demonstrated heroic acts in defense during the first half. 0-0 at the break between the apathetic French team and a resilient Poland.

Returning from the locker room, the Blues became more pressing and the Poles were forced to go down a notch on the pitch. Face &agrav; a heroic Skorupski, the Blues try and strike but the goalkeeper does not tremble. À in the 56th minute of play, Ousmane Demb&eac;l&eac; escapes into his lane and beats Kiwior in the area. Late, the Arsenal defender makes a mistake and gives the Blues a penalty. An opportunity transformed by Kylian Mbappé who scored his first goal in the competition. Trailing, the Poles are relaunching. À As money time approaches, an innocuous ball in the French area creates danger and Swiderski collapses. following contact with Upamecano. After viewing & VAR, Marco Guida offers the opportunity à Poland equalize. Lewandowski sees his first attempt stopped by Maignan, coming off his goal line. On his second chance, the Polish captain did not give in. Until the final whistle, the French tried to win. to go for victory, synonymous with first place. In vain and the Blues finished à second place in Group D, behind Austria. 

20:15 – Rabiot: "A good opposition"

Adrien Rabiot at the microphone of TF1: "The evening is frustrating, we don&eacute; apos;didn't put in enough to win tonight. We had everything between our feet and we didn't do enough. The goalkeeper was good, we had good opposition, but we have to do a lot better to score, we still have this efficiency problem. We did not reach the goal of first place."

20:10 – Twelve years

Second in their group, the French team did not finish at the top of their group. first place in a group stage for the first time since Euro 2012.

20:05 – The ranking of group D

After the last two group matches, here is the ranking of group D: 

  1. Austria: 6 points (+2)
  2. France: 5 points (+1)
  3. Netherlands: 4 points (0)
  4. Poland: 1 point (-3)

20:00 – Austria wins

In the another match in Group D, Austria created the feat against the Netherlands (3-2). Thanks to à this success, the Austrians finished on top. 

Draw between France and Poland today. With this draw where ù Lewandowski and Mbappé scored both goals from the penalty spot, the Blues finished second in their group.

19:55 – No fault on Mbapp& oacute; !

Dawidowicz comes out of his area and collides with Kylian Mbapp. Marco Guida doesn't whistle anything. 

19:54 – The Poles push back

Clever transverse by Mbappé on Koundé which centers back. The full-back crosses but it's pushed back.

19:52 – New warning

On the left wing, Kylian Mbappé escapes and Swiderski holds the captain of the Blues by the jersey. The Pole receives a yellow card. 


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