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EURO 2024. France - Portugal: Heroic Hernandez! The Blues advance to the semi-final, the summary

“EURO 2024. France – Portugal: Heroic Hernandez! The Blues advance to the semi-final, the summary”

The France team qualified for the semi-finals of Euro 2024 by winning the penalty shootout 5-3 against Portugal

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EURO 2024. France - Portugal: Heroic Hernandez! The Blues advance to the semi-final, the summary

Portugal Live

00:30 – The latest from Cristiano Ronaldo à the Euro

Transparent and borrowed throughout the meeting, Cristiano Ronaldo never weighed in. The sad conclusion to a story that began in 2004 & residence. Twenty years after his birth on the international scene, the Portuguese competed in the World Cup. the last match of his career & the Euro in the quarter-finals of the 2024 edition. At 39, he is the player to have played in the Euro in the quarter-finals of the 2024 edition. most matches (31) and scored the most goals (14) in the history of the competition.

00:15 – The reé action of Maignan

“I'm happy for everyone. Tonight, it was not an easy match with a big nation facing you. We wereé solid defensively and we put them in difficulty. We wereé until the end with the mentality and on penalties, we did not panic. This is what made the difference", reacted to the hot Mike Maignan on the microphone of M6.

05/07/24&nbsp ;- 23:55 – Place à Spain

Coming à At the end of Portugal, France qualified for the semi-finals of Euro 2024. The Blues' match will take place next Tuesday at the end of Portugal. 9 p.m. à Munich and opposite will rise Spain, defeater of Germany earlier in the day.

At the end suspense, the French team snatches its qualification for the last four of Euro 2024. The French will have failed &agrav; found the flaw in the game but will have realizedé a perfect penalty shootout to get rid of Portugal.

With Olympian calm, Théo Hernandez opens his left foot to lodge his ball flush with the left post. France wins on penalties and qualifies for the semi-finals of Euro 2024!

05/07 /24 – 23:42 – Nuno Mendes 4-3

Nuno Mendes sends his ball under the bar with a cross shot. from the left full of determination. He grants Portugal a reprieve.

05/07/24 – 23:41 – Barcola 4-2

Full of serenity, Barcola crosses his shot and sees Diogo Costa starting on the other side. France makes the break.

The post pushes back Joao Felix's cross attempt. First failure in this penalty shootout.

05/07/24- 23:39 – Koundé 3-2

Koundé makes a dry strike from the inside of the right and crosses high near the post. Diogo Costa was unable to do anything even if he dived on the good side.

05/07/24 – 23:38 – Bernardo Silva 2-2

Without trembling, Bernardo Silva crosses from the left and places the ball à half-height just above the hand of Maignan who had still anticipated well.

05/07/24 – 23:37 – Fofana 2-1

Fofana places the ball from the inside of the right right in the center and deceives Diogo Costa.< /p>

05/07/24 – 23:37 – Cristiano Ronaldo 1-1

Cristiano Ronaldo pauses and chooses to cross from the right. It is out of reach of Maignan who had dived into the sea. on the good side.

05/07/24- 23:35 – Dembél& oacute; 1-0

On law, Demb&eac;lé opens his foot and takes à against Diogo Costa.

France and Portugal will therefore not have found a solution. the opening even after 120 minutes and will therefore have to go through the fateful penalty shootout to find out who will get their ticket for the semi-finals of the tournament. Euro 2024.

05/07/24 – 11:30 p.m. – Last stop in Maignan

The Portuguese lead one last counter with Bernardo Silva shifted to &agrav; RIGHT. The playmaker does not take his chance and chooses a pass & level with the ground in the axis for a partner who from the inside of the foot places his ball. Maignan is vigilant and lies down on it.

05/07/24 – 23:29 – La vaine percée

Th&eacute ;o Hernandez breaks through the Portuguese system and à 20 m, gives in the axis where Fofana is too fair to receive.

05/07/24 – 23:27 – Vitinha leaves

In the 118th minute, Vitinha is recalledé on the bench by Roberto Martinez who chose to start Matheus Nunes for the last minutes and the penalty shootout.

05/07/24 – 23:26 – Dembélé gleans a corner

Côté law, Demb&eac;l&eac; accelerates and rather than transplanting, pushes its effort in the face of what is happening. Nuno Mendes conceding a corner.

07/05/24 – 11:25 p.m. – Cristiano Ronaldo penalized

On the kicked corner by Vitinha, Cristiano Ronaldo catches Upamecano to try to achieve an acrobatic volley. The referee saw this and gave a free kick to the referee. France.

05/07/24 – 23:25 – Hernandez closes the door

Francisco Conceiçao is very restless and it takes the skill of Théo Hernandez to prevent him from transplanting. The French full-back extends his foot for a corner.

05/07/24 – 23:24 – Barcola causes

Side left, Barcola made a double contact to open a passage into the area. Locked up in the corner, he still tries to takes all his luck by rushing a little and sending his shot wide. side.

05/07/24- 23:23 – Too long for Semedo

The Portuguese continue to direct the game and Ruben Dias wants to send Semedo deep. His ball over the top in the right lane is too powerful and goes out of goal.

05/07/24 – 23: 21 – Dembélé misses the target

On an overthrow of Tchouaméni, Dembélé takes the ball, hooks Joao Felix à the entry to the surface to open up the striking angle. From the left, the Frenchman does not apply himself in his placement and, in a backward imbalance, sends his attempt well over the top.< /p>

05/07/24 – 23:19 – Cristiano Ronaldo taken over by Hernandez

On a recovery, Conceiçao plays over the top for Cristiano Ronaldo. On the edge of offside, the Portuguese captain is barely able to keep up. accelerated and was caught by the defensive withdrawal of Théo Hernandez.

05/07/24 – 23:16 – Joao Felix misses the target

The Portuguese put rhythm in their transmissions and Francisco Conceiçao curls a perfect cross to the far post whereù Joao Felix places his head. The Portuguese player miscontrols his movement and sends the ball into the outside net of Maignan's goal.


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