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EURO 2024. Germany - Denmark: Germany goes into the quarter, the match summary

The Nationalmannschaft validates its ticket for the quarter-finals of Euro 2024 (2-0). The Germans bring out a Danish team which did not carry enough weight in their fight. offensively.

EURO 2024. Germany - Denmark: Germany goes into the quarter, the match summary

Germany 2: 0 < img alt = "score danemark" src = "https://img-4.linternaute.com/ni3cjpktedilnqaozgyb61jta=/450x/smart/dfbf1aa5ae7d4a22ae5b74472172d1e/ccmcms- 822.png " /> Denmark Live

Germany qualifies for the quarter-finals of « his » Euro (2-0) at the end of a relatively well-controlled match. against the Danes. Both teams went through all the emotions from the start of the match. In the 4th minute of play, Schlotterbeck thought about opening the score but Mr. Oliver canceled the goal for an obstruction of the sequence of play. At the end of the first period, a violent storm interrupted the game for 30 minutes, thus cutting off the good Danish dynamic. When we return from the locker room, it’s still the « Danish Dynamite » which appears dangerous. Andersen, à In the 48th minute, he deceived Neuer with a left shot and celebrated the Danish goal. Problem, the opening score is canceled at the end of the game. the video for a narrow offside. A few minutes later, Andersen provokes a penalty for a handball and offers the opening score à Havertz who shot perfectly his penalty. 25 minutes later, Musiala doubles the goal at the end of an action full of lucidity. He adjusts Schmeichel to slip his ball into the small net. At the end of the game, Germany came very close to 3-0 but Wirtz saw his goal refused. &agrav; video for offside. Germany knew how to base its victory on patience.

It’s over! &agrav; Dortmund! The Mannschaft won 2-0 after an intense and fast-paced match. A sharp realism in the second half which made the difference despite the odds. the weak moments. A successful performance overall.

23:16 – Decisive save from Schmeichel!

The German goalkeeper stretches his left leg perfectly to deflect Havertz's cross shot. Still 2-0 as Germany pushes for the third goal.

23:14 – Wirtz offside

While Wirtz had found the back of the net at the end of the match, Mr. Oliver announces an offside. So we remain at 2-0.

23:13 – 5 minutes of added time

The assistant referee has just announced the added time: 5 minutes.

23:11 – Henrichs tries from afar

In the left corridor, Henrichs overflows his screw to the left. screw before transplanting into the axis and releasing a strike that is too steep. His ball flies above Schmeichel's cage.

23:10 – Sané exit

Nagelsmann opts for the exit of Sané and the entry of Anton into this endgame.

23:09 – Kroos asks for support

Kroos signals to the German public to raise their voices as an Ola has just started in the stadium.

23:07 – Wirtz loses his control

Found in the Danish surface sideé left, Wirtz receives a ball a little hard and loses his control. The ball flies out of the goal.

23:06 – Bah exit

Bah leaves his place à Kristiansen with 6 minutes remaining & play in regular time.

23:04 – Denmark seeks the loophole

< p>The Danes lay siege in front of the German area with Hojbjerg attempting a full-axis strike. It is controlled by Schlotterbeck.

23:02 – Double change for Germany

Nagelsmann makes two changes, Henrichs and Wirtz enter the starting line-up. the place of Raum and Musiala. Side Danish, Entry of Wind and Brun Larsen à the place of Hojlund and Christensen.

23:00 – Possession for Germany

< p>As we enter the last quarter of an hour, Germany has 59% of ball possession in this match.

22:55 – The German offensive armada has not finished

It may not be not finished for the best attack in the competition which is now pushing to score a third goal with almost 15 minutes remaining in the game. play in this game.

22:54 – Germany can breathe

The Mannschaft, once frankly under pressure, can breathe in this meeting. With now 2 goals in advance, the hardest part is to come. été done.

22:53 – Entry of Poulsen

Poulsen and Norgaard make their entrance to the place of Skov Olsen and Delaney.

What lucidity from Musiala who comes to stare at Schmeichel before slipping a ball into the small net! German striker who takes the lead in the competition's scorers rankings. 2-0 Germany!

22:50 – Germany pushes

The Mannschaft keeps the ball and manages the clock with a little more than 20 minutes of play remaining in this match.

22:49 – Entry of Fulkrug

The German attacker makes his entry at Gundogan's place while Can replaces Andrich.

22:46 – Sané frôthe post!

Launched side right, Havertz is in striking position but is very off-center. He then decides to stop his race before serving Sané behind who sees his strike à level with the ground brushing against the post. What an opportunity missed by Germany!

22:43 – Warning for Maehle

Maehle is late for his speech on Sané who had just put his body in opposition. Mr. Oliver has no hesitation about this. take out the yellow card.

22:41 – Havertz misses the match point!

After sublime control in the middle of the race, Havertz takes the ball deep. He presents himself alone facing each other. Schmeichel before opting for a spiked ball. His shot skimmed the post, the break was very close!

22:39 – Yellow card for Bah

After a contact à heads with Andrich, Bah is sanctioned; a yellow card M.Oliver.

18th goal with the Mannschaft for Havertz who places his ball perfectly flush with Schmeichel's left post. Crazy scenario in this match when the Danes had just had a goal denied. Germany is now in front, 1-0!

Mr Oliver points to the penalty spot for a handball. Andersen. How hard it is for the « Danish Dynamite » who thought they had opened the score a few seconds before!


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