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EURO 2024. Portugal - Slovenia: Ronaldo still silent... follow the match live

Here we go à Frankfurt for this 8th final! Portugal, taken away by Cristiano Ronaldo, breaks his teeth. As a reminder, the winner will join the Blues in the quarterfinals.

EURO 2024. Portugal - Slovenia: Ronaldo still silent... follow the match live

Portugal 0: 0 < IMG Alt = "SLOVE SCORE" SRC = "https://img-4.linternaux.com/ajkfwedmslgv-jz-pfez9xpgw=/450x/smart/32624b655b3248a8bad9dadb5a0860ba/ccmcms-lintern png " /> Slovenia Live

21:37 – New yellow card against Slovenia (38th)

Karnicnik, d& oacute;pasté by Leao's dribble, voluntarily put his hand on the ball. 

21 :36 – Ronaldo gets frustrated (37th)

Off-centre side left, Vitinha delivers a precise cross, five meters from Oblak's goal. CR7 missed its jump timing. 

21:34 – Ronaldo was at home a hair's breadth away from scoring! (35th)

On the free kick that followed, the world star chose the sideé open. The ball touched the crossbar. It was a very powerful strike! 

21:32 – Drkusic &eacute ;receives a warning (32nd)

On the full axis breakthrough of Leao, the defender of Slovenia has missed his intervention. It's an interesting free kick, & 25 meters from the guarded goal by Oblak. 

21:30 – Good intervention from Karnicnik (31st)

On a 50 meter crossbar from Mendes, Bruno Fernandes can enter a duel against each other. Oblak. The Manchester United player unfortunately misses his control. 

21:28 – Bijol concedes a corner (29th)

Several actors have been slipping for a few minutes. The lawn is deteriorating quickly. 

21:24 – Ruben Dias lets his quality speak ; (27th)

Portugalés central defender twice prevented Sporar from being able to score a goal. go to the goal. 

21:22 – The duels multiply (23rd)

< p>There have been more and more mistakes in recent minutes. Nuno Mendes complains about a crutch. 

21:20 – Nuno Mendes regains his place (21st )

The magic bomb has had its effect. There was more fear than harm for the Portugal defender. 

21:17 – Nuno Mendes remains on the ground (19th)

The left side of PSG stands the right ankle. He suffered a harsh tackle from Stojanovic. 

21:15 – Ronaldo s 'collapses in the area (16th)

In the duel with Drkusic on a Fernandes cross, the Portuguese star did not respond  ;eacute;sisté &agrav; the impact. The referee lets play.

21:13 – What an opportunity for Portugal! (12th)

After a school action started on the left, the overthrow of Vitinha has everything Triggered. Silva returned on his left foot, before delivering a good cross. Ronaldo and Fernandes were close to scoring. 

21:11 – The pace dropped; (12e)

The actors feel the need to take a breather. Portugal continues to make Slovenia run. 

21:09 – Slovenia is suffering! (10th)

The Portuguese pressing is effective, and a Slovenian defender sends a pass for a corner. Oblak is furious. 

21:06 – Ronaldo misses a great opportunity ! (8e)

À following a full-axis breakthrough, Leao serves his captain &eacute; the entrance to the surface. The world star did not pass his check, which allowed him to take control. the opposing defense to break free. 


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