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EURO 2024. Spain - Germany: injury and warnings, a tense shock... follow the match live

Here we go à Stuttgart for this quarter-final! Germany faces Spain this Friday, July 5. Pedri left his partners, and Rudiger will be suspended for a possible continuation in this Euro 2024.

< img alt = "Spain score" src = "https://img-4.linternaute.com/aqi1mzupit3_vxmsnh5o1gphsm=/450x/smart/aa7fb6e8fc044dd898a494665b90d118/ccmcms- .png " /> Spain 0: 0

EURO 2024. Spain - Germany: injury and warnings, a tense shock... follow the match live

Germany Live

18:34 – Simon makes a superb save (35th)

Havertz showed up skillful on this long ball from Rudiger. After a chest check, the attacker fired at the attacker. using a pivot. Simon went to bed. on his right. The shot lacked power.

18:32 – Tah saves his team (33rd)

During a deep pass, the German defender narrowly beat Olmo. Spain has been counterattacking for a quarter of an hour. 

18:30 – The game is choppy; (32e)

Setting out on a counterattack, Yamal was attacked. broke by Can. The Spaniards claim a yellow card, but the referee does not flinch. 

18:29 – The Normand écope à his turn with a yellow card (30th)

The central defender walked on Gundogan's calf at the central circle. He will be suspended in the event of qualification for the semi-final of Euro 2024. 

18:27 – New warning in this part (28e)

Raum walkedé on the foot of Carvajal. The Real Madrid right-back screamed in pain, but he can return to his place. 

18:26 – Simon does not tremble (27th)

The Spanish goalkeeper once again imposes himself in the air. 

18:26 – Laporte concedes a corner (26th)

For ten minutes, Spain has been suffering in this quarter-final of the World Cup. Euro 2024. 

18:25 – Simon reassures his family (26th)

Tah's head wasn't strong enough. The Spanish goalkeeper communicated well; with his defense before grabbing the ball. 

18:23 – Morata responded ;alisé a big mistake (25th)

The captain of La Roja put a charge behind Kimmich's back. It's an off-centre free kick, à 30 meters from the guarded goal by Simon. 

18:21 – Laporte tries from afar (23rd)

The central defender did not hesitate to attack. &agrav; take the space and à hit from afar. Neuer folds easily on this shot. 

18:19 – Havertz misses a huge opportunity; (21st)

After a school action, with more than twenty passes, Kimmich delivers a clear cross ;eacute;cis. The German attacker's header is not powerful enough. Simon folds easily on this try. 

18:17 – Germany sticks its head out of the water (19th)

For a few minutes, Kroos' partners have been putting their foot on the ball and pushing Spain back. 

18:16 – Ruiz does not catch the German frame (16th)

There is & eacute;jà spaces in this part, with teams cut in two. À entering the penalty area, Ruiz takes his chance… above! 

18:14 – Yamal gives a huge thrill (15th)

Malin, the Spain winger place the ball under the wall. Unfortunately for Spain, the shot was off target. Neuer hadn't moved. 

18:13 – A first warning in this part! (13e)

On a distant projection, Olmo is served in a space. Rudiger was late, and mowed down. his opponent. He receives a logical yellow card. The free kick is &agrav; 20 meters from the guarded goal by Neuer. 


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