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EURO 2024. Spain - Germany: unsustainable overtime... follow the match live

Here we go à Stuttgart for this quarter-final! In overtime, the Nationalmannschaft and the Roja are back à back (1-1).

< img alt = "Spain score" src = "https://img-4.linternaute.com/aqi1mzupit3_vxmsnh5o1gphsm=/450x/smart/aa7fb6e8fc044dd898a494665b90d118/ccmcms- .png " /> Spain 2: 1

EURO 2024. Spain - Germany: unsustainable overtime... follow the match live

Germany Live

20:36 – Carvajal is sent off ! (120th+5)

For an obstruction on Musiala, the right back receives a second yellow card. It's the last chance free kick. 

20:34 – Fullkrug misses the penalty shootout! (120e+3)

On a cross from the right, à five meters, the German attacker placed the ball &agrav; 50 centimeters from the Spanish goal! 

20:33 – Musiala misses a huge opportunity (120e+2)

On a long ball, à five meters from the goal, the German nugget preferred to score. control instead of shooting! 

20:33 – Two minutes left! (120th)

The La Roja supporters are delirious in the stands! There will be three minutes of added time! 

On a cross from Olmo's left, Merino, just behind Rudiger, propels the ball into Neuer's top corner! This is the goal of qualification! 

On a cross from Kimmich, Fullkrug imposes himself in front of Nacho to place his header! The Roja porter makes a magnificent horizontal shot. The whole stadium believed in the goal!

20:26 – The players are exhausted (116th )

The actors no longer have the strength to attack. We're heading to the penalty shootout! 

20:25 – Nagelsmann écope d 'a yellow card (114th)

The coach of the Nationalmannschaft complains about Cucurella's hand. The referee did not reverse his decision, because there was offside at the start of the action. 

20:22 – Kroos still remains on the ground (113th)

The legend of German football suffers from cramps. As a reminder, Nagelsmann has already carried out all his changes. 

20:20 – Rodri éreceives a yellow card (110th)

The defensive midfielder preferred cut off the German counterattack. It was a tactical foul. 

20:19 – Rudiger saves his team ( 107e)

On a good cross from Merino, the central defender got ahead of the ball. Joselu. The corner came to nothing; ! 

20:18 – Cucurella is doing very well (107th)

With his hand, the Spanish defender countered the attack. Musiala's strike. It was very limited for a penalty, but the VAR does not intervene! 

C& apos;s the last chance to avoid the terrible penalty shootout! Germany has the ball. 

There was a chance on either side, otherwise there was no chance. apos;there was nothing à get your teeth into it. Fatigue is felt! 

20:13 – Wirtz missed the qualifying ball! (105e)

Served behind by Muller, Wirtz, à the entrance to the repair surface, touched the surface. Simon's left post! Ça smells like a knockout! 


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