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Euro 2024: the Blues' opponents in 1/8th if they finish 1st, 2nd or 3rd in their group

Different scenarios are available to you. the French team and some are not the best.

Before elaborating, these are obviously only suppositions because the first round of the Euro is not over yet. , a lot can still happen. But, in theory, we already know; what potential opponents the France team could face in the round of 16, if the Blues qualify first, second or third place in their group.

The Blues' opponents if they finish below 1st place in the group:

By finishing first in group D, the Blues would then inherit 2nd in group F. This place is currently occupied by Turkey . A draw would be enough for the Turks against the Czechs to maintain this second place. In the event of Turkey's defeat, the Czech Republic or Georgia, both still alive afterwards their draw last Saturday, could also be opponents of the Tricolores, but it is very unlikely. The meeting would take place on Tuesday July 2 at 9 p.m. on the west side from  Leipzig.

The Blues' opponents if they finish below 2nd place in the group

If France finishes second in its group, it would face the 2nd in group E. For the moment, three teams in this group count each 3 points. Romania and Belgium are at the top of the group. the goal difference, but Slovakia and Ukraine were also imposed once. The Blues would be in a tricky part of the table with a potential quarter against the Portuguese. The round of 16 would take place Monday July 1 & ;nbsp;6 p.m. on the other side from Düsseldorf.

The Blues' opponents if they finish below 3rd place in the group

Complicated, à At the moment, to make projections on this possibility. France would face the 1st of group C, certainly England (Denmark, Slovenia and Serbia can still be), or the best team in Group E (Romania , Belgium, Slovakia or Ukraine), or even Spain, guaranteed to finish 1st.

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