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EURO 2024. Türkiye - Portugal: Ronaldo decisive, the Seleção on the move... the match live

It's on in Dortmund for the rest of Group F! Portugal easily leads this Euro 2024 clash and heads to the round of 16.

EURO 2024. Türkiye - Portugal: Ronaldo decisive, the Seleção on the move... the match live

Turkey 0 : 3

EURO 2024. Türkiye - Portugal: Ronaldo decisive, the Seleção on the move... the match live

Portugal Live

19:34 – Turkey tries to save honor (79th)

For a few minutes, Portugal leaves the ball to the Turks. The corners multiply, but Pepe's teammates hold on to their goal. keep their clean sheet. 

19:32 – Montella is forced into prison. a change (75e)

Touché on the back,  Akaydin leaves his place à Merih Demiral. It's a very difficult afternoon for Turkey. 

19:28 – Akaydin remains on the ground (74th)

Turkey's central defender complains about his back. The caregivers come à his bedside. 

19:27 – Guler gives hope to Turkey supporters (70th)

The pé Real Madrid's team will play the last twenty minutes away from home. Akgun Square. He is acclaimed; as soon as he came into play. 

19:25 – Martinez continues his coaching (70th)

In defense, at the right-back position, Semedo takes Cancelo's place. 

19:23 – Another record for Ronaldo! (68th)

Involved in Bruno Fernandes' goal, the Portuguese star became the best decisive passer of the season ;history of the competition. He has accumulated 8 offerings in the last six editions. 

19:21 – Portuguese supporters celebrate (64th)

In front of the 42,000 supporters of Turkey, the 15,000 Portuguese do honor à their country ! It must be said that they were é well helped by the performance of theirs. 

19:18 – Portugal is in control ( 63e)

Roberto Martinez's players turn the ball. Turkey does not have the weapons nor the energy to fight. 

19: 17 – Montella makes two changes (58th)

Ayhan and Akturkoglu return to the bench. Yildiz and Yuksek come into play for this end of the match. 

Covered by Celik on a through ball, Cristiano Ronaldo showed selflessness. In a duel with Bayindir, CR7 preferred to serve Fernandes to secure the shot. The Manchester United attacking midfielder only had to push the ball into the back of the net.

19:10 – Yazici takes his chance from afar (53rd)

&At 30 meters, the Lille player armed a shot. Despite Neto's involuntary deviation, Costa was not surprised. 

19:07 – Cancelo leaves with a lot of good intentions (52nd)

Since the return from the locker room, the right-back has set the Turkish defense on fire. His good cross, on the ground, would have deserved a better fate but his teammates did not feel the blow. 

19:06 – Cancelo delights the public (49th)

The right-back of Portugal has signaled himself with a magnificent roulette! Portugal is gaining confidence in this Euro 2024. 

19:05 – Pepe is uncompromising in defense (48th)

The veteran of the Portuguese selection reads all the Turkish offensives. He is impressively calm. 

Turkey plays a long ball in order to settle into the Portugal camp. 


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