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EuroDreams: understand everything to the new FDJ game! What are the chances of winning?

The FDJ is launching a new game for all Euromillions partner lotteries. The winners will receive very substantial checks every month.

La Française des Jeux offers with its new game, called EuroDreams, a new way to participate in a game of chance. Most often, it's a big jackpot, a dream sum that is offered, with of course a tiny chance of winning the jackpot, but with less than a small chance of winning. the key enough to radically change your life.

The Euromillions very regularly makes millionaires all in the name of the year, and continues to do so. being one of the major games of French games. But the FDJ is innovating and has chosen this time to offer an annuity for years. Explanations.

What is EuroDreams?

La Française des Jeux is putting up for sale at from Monday October 30 a grid at; check, at the price of 2.50 euros. The first draw, and therefore the first results, are scheduled for Monday, November 6. Players therefore buy a grid on which they must check 6 numbers among 40 and 1 number complementary number among 5. This complementary number is called "Dream number".

How much can we win?

The principle is clear, what is the gain? The FDJ promises up to 20,000 euros per month for 30 years, when you check all the correct numbers in the draw, which represents more than 7 million euros in total.

But there will also be lucky people who do not have the 7 correct numbers. The second place of winning – it's up to you. say the 6 correct numbers without the additional number – is also provided with an annuity, at a cost of amount of 2,000 euros per month for 5 years, or 120,000 euros in total. The winners of the third, fourth, fifth and sixth places win a net sum, respectively 100 euros, 40 euros, 5 euros and 2.50 euros (reimbursement of the grid ).

What are the chances of winning?

We might as well say it very clearly: the chances of winning the jackpot are extremely low. EuroDreams offers a 1 in 19 million chance of winning the maximum win. However, there will be a 1 in 4.66 chance of winning a much smaller prize.

Où play EuroDreams?

EuroDreams grids, like those of Euromillions, can be purchased at one of the 30,000 points of sale of the FDJ, or directly on the mobile application. The game is valid in the countries associated with the project: France but also Spain, Ireland, Belgium, Portugal, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg.

What days will the EuroDreams draws be?< /h2>

Two EuroDreams draws are carried out every week, on Monday and Thursday. On these days, players must validate their grid before 8:15 p.m. Then, the draw takes place around 9 p.m., the results are communicated around 10 p.m.

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