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EuroDreams: what happens the annuity received each month upon the death of the winner?

La Française des jeux has launched a new lottery this Monday, October 30: EuroDreams, which allows the winner to win up to 20,000 euros per month for thirty years. But what happens to this annuity in the event of death?

This is a first in Europe: la Française des jeux and seven European counterparts have launched the game. this Monday, October 30, 2023, a new lottery called EuroDreams. It is now possible to earn up to 20,000 euros per month for thirty years. But what happens if the winner dies before the end of three decades? His successors will not receive a monthly pension, but… "the amount of the remaining gain due to him [will] be paid cash and assigned by a notary to potential beneficiaries in accordance with the rules of inheritance”, details the rules of the Française des jeux.

How is EuroDreams played? ?

The principle of EuroDreams is simple: the player must choose six numbers and a complementary number, the “Dream”. The classic grid, made up of a combination, is sold for 2.50 euros. Like the Loto and so on; Euromillions, however, it is possible to play more numbers, but if your chances increase, so does the cost of the grid… In any case, at the end of the day, you can play more numbers. Starting from November 6, 2023, the day of the first EuroDreams draw, draws will take place every Monday and Thursday. The results will be drawn around 9 p.m. and should then be published on the Française des Jeux website at the end of the year. 10 p.m.

À note that the first place winners will not be the only ones to win. pocket an income. This will, however, be less significant than the 20,000 euros for thirty years. Thus, for the second rank, the gain was fixed à 2,000 euros per month for five years. From the third to the last row, the sixth, the FDJ and its counterparts do not provide an annuity, but the possibility of paying for it. to win between 2.50 and 100 euros. What about the most significant gain that it will be possible to gain thanks to this? EuroDreams? In the hypothesis where the player would validate several winning grids, the maximum gain would be 60,000 euros for thirty years, provides the FDJ.

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