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Euromillions (FDJ) result: the Friday 17 draw November 2023 [LIVE]

“Euromillions (FDJ) result: the draw for Friday, November 17, 2023 [LIVE]”

EUROMILLIONS. Follow the Euromillions draw on Friday November 17. On the program, a jackpot of 52 million euros!

For this Euromillions draw, the FDJ is offering you the chance to win a jackpot of 52 million euros… what to start with? give serious thought to Christmas gifts. While waiting for the results of the draw, here is some information on the origins of this lottery game.


The idea of ​​creating a pan-European lottery emerged from at the beginning of the 2000s, at the beginning of the 2000s, the time when Several European countries were considering innovative ways to stimulate interest in gambling. The FDJ, in collaboration with other European lottery operators, played a crucial role in the design and implementation of this ambitious project. The Euromillions was officially launched on February 7, 2004, with the initial participation of three founding countries: France, Spain, and the United Kingdom. Quickly, other nations joined the adventure, bringing the total number of participants to 1,000. nine. The basic idea was to create massive jackpots by combining stakes from multiple countries, thus offering spectacular payouts and attracting an international player base.

The draw takes place every Tuesday and Friday evening, offering bi-weekly opportunities to win awesome prizes. The rules of the game have evolved over the years, introducing special features such as "Super Draws" with exceptional jackpots, and winning limits to maintain the excitement among participants. Euromillions was a resounding success, quickly becoming one of the most popular lotteries in Europe. Its impact transcends national borders, strengthening ties between participating countries while providing players with the opportunity to play. to dream big.

Like every Tuesday and Friday, the result of the draw is revealed. around 9:05 p.m. All results are subject to change. find on Linternaute: the winning numbers, the stars and MyMillion. Before the next draw, Tuesday November 21, make sure you have validated your entry. your grid!

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