Europe launched the project “Generators of Hope” for Ukraine

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  • Europe launched the Generators of Hope project for Ukraine


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Europe launched the Generators of Hope project for Ukraine

As part of a new initiative, more than 200 major European cities will donate generators to Ukraine to help it survive the winter. Many city administrations expressed their desire to help Ukraine even before the launch of the project.

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The President of the European Parliament, Roberta Metsola, said that the EU launched an action called “Generators of Hope”. We are talking about providing Ukraine with electric generators. She stated this on Twitter.

“10 million Ukrainians were left without electricity due to Russian attacks. We can help,” she wrote.

Then Metsola shared a video in which called on all European cities to share electricity and water with Ukraine.

Ukrinform reports that the European Parliament and the European Union, according to Metsola, were able to show extraordinary solidarity with Ukraine in humanitarian, military and financial terms. Now it is important for the EU to provide Ukrainians with everything they need to survive the winter.

As part of the “Generators of Hope” campaign, European Union cities will reportedly be able to join the support of Ukraine. Thus, lists will be created that will list the needs for generators and other equipment for the cities of Ukraine. After the European city expresses its interest in providing assistance, the necessary equipment will be delivered to Ukraine. For this, the logistical capabilities of the EU Civil Protection Mechanism will be used.

According to the head of the Eurocities organization, Mayor of Florence Dario Nardella, even before the launch of the initiative, a number of cities participating in the network expressed a desire to transfer generators and other energy equipment to Ukrainians. He stated that a large number of generators will be handed over to Ukraine over several days. However, there is no exact figure yet. At the same time, Nardella expressed the hope that all the cities that are part of Eurocities, and there are more than 200 of them, will send more than one generator to Ukraine from each city.

What is Eurocities?

< em>Eurocities – is a network of large cities in Europe, which was created back in 1986. More than 200 major European cities from 38 countries are members of Eurocities. Membership is open to any European city with a population of 250,000 or more. The network was created to coordinate projects in the field of mobility, ecological transition, social inclusion and digital innovation.