European Super League: updates after the withdrawal of Premier League clubs – live!  |  Football

European Super League: updates after the withdrawal of Premier League clubs – live! | Football


Aleksander Ceferin spoke harshly when the Super League plans were first discussed, but the UEFA chief has adopted a conciliatory tone following the outcome of separatist competition.

Sean Ingle

UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin, who on Monday called some representatives of the 12 separatist Super League clubs ‘snakes and liars’, welcomes them back to the fold. It does not seem that Uefa punishes or seeks to curb its power

April 21, 2021


As with Barney’s column, there is a theme among the correspondence I am receiving that this moment should be seized by the football community, not only to prevent a similar kidnapping from developing in the future, but also to take advantage of the momentum that this episode has caused. necessary reforms.

For example: “What a wonderful win for the fans,” email Mary Waltz. “But you can’t back down, the government must pass laws to make sure this never happens. The Glazers, Kroenke, etc. they will never give up their dream of an NFL-style franchise system. These people are not used to not getting their way. They will eventually try again unless the law stops them. “

Obviously, political capital can be obtained through the introduction of legislation, but as David conn writes, it remains to be seen whether a government led by Boris Johnson chooses to pull that lever.


Unless this story takes an unexpected turn, its next phase will deal with the aftermath of an incredible couple of days. Barney ronay you have considered what it means and how this fiasco has brought the need for major reform to a critical point.

If there is a lesson here, it is in the surprising unity of feelings, the sheer anger of looking through the stadium gate to see someone rolling down the pitch and feeling not only enraged but empowered by the prospect. It is a feeling of shared strength that must be preserved and kept safe for future deployment. This is far from over. The ESL can be postponed, it can continue with different parties involved, or simply park, a threatening satellite entity. But the concerns of those involved must also be heard. The enemy of your enemy is not always your friend, and the clubs are right about this too: football’s governing bodies are selfish and opaque. Reform is absolutely vital: better comes from below than this way again.


Chelsea played a 0-0 draw with Brighton last night, giving fans an opportunity to voice their opposition to the Super League proposals.



European Super League: updates after the withdrawal of Premier League clubs – live!  |  Football

Good morning legacy fans and welcome to Wednesday’s edition of The Guardian’s live blog documenting the latest developments in the European Super League.

It seems inevitable that we will find ourselves in another momentous day, as last night a frenzy of activity concluded with a statement from the Super League indicating that the controversial project was now on hold. “Given the current circumstances, we will reconsider the most appropriate steps to remodel the project,” the announcement read.

That statement came after the withdrawal of the six English members of the separatist group. Those half a dozen sides dripped statements that pulled out of the plan throughout Tuesday night.

It has also been reported, but not yet confirmed, that Internazionale and AC Milan are set to end their association with the Superliga. That leaves only Juventus, Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atlético de Madrid from the core group of renegades.

Expect lots of news from Spain and Italy as the day comes to life.

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