Even Baba Vanga was afraid of them. These 3 zodiac signs are protected by higher powers

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The legendary fortune teller named the signs that are patronized by the universe itself.

 Even Baba Vanga was afraid of them. These 3 zodiac signs are protected by higher powers

One of the most striking figures of the last century was Baba Vanga . The famous Bulgarian clairvoyant left a huge legacy, which included not only predictions of the future, but also astrological observations.

There is evidence that Vanga was afraid of some signs in the zodiac. She believed that these representatives of the zodiacal galaxy were endowed with a special, powerful energy. In addition, they are patronized by higher powers. We will tell you who, according to the fairy, was at the top of the most powerful signs in the horoscope.


The legendary clairvoyant believed that Lions from birth have the strongest energy. However, the complex nature of the representatives of the fire sign very often plays a cruel joke with them – in a fit of anger, anger or other strong feelings, the energy of the Leo can become destructive. Therefore, Vanga quite often refused to work with this uncontrolled sign. At the same time, she respected the Lions for their inner strength, intelligence and determination.


Perhaps most often Vanga refused to cooperate with the Scorpions. According to the clairvoyant, the representatives of the watermark have dark energy, after communicating with them, she had to recover for a long time. Vanga claimed that Scorpio is naturally endowed with amazing abilities & ndash; can literally hypnotize their conversations, subordinate them to their will and use them for their own selfish goals.

Representatives of the sign are born manipulators, but the patronage of higher forces allows them to avoid responsibility for not very beautiful and ethical actions.


Another zodiac sign that inspired Vanga with fear is Pisces. The representatives of the element of water are too unpredictable and changeable, they are difficult to understand and tame. According to Baba Vanga, the universe gave Pisces perfect intuition. Handling them is dangerous, as they recognize not only deception and treason, but also the secret weaknesses of the interviewee.

It is unlikely that Pisces will choose to use the information received for deceptive purposes, although & hellip; if she is angry, it is quite possible that she will take revenge and choose the most painful spot to hit.

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