Every mushroom picker dreams of such a find. The photo of the real real thing is very impressive

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The size of this real thing is very impressive.

Every mushroom picker dreams of such a find. The photo of the real mushroom makes a great impression

As the portal “O2” reminds us, this fall forests abound in mushrooms of gigantic size. Another impressive specimen was found in the Baligr & oacute; d Forest District by a forester. The size of the boletus's hat is impressive, but also its weight. Get to know the details!

Impressive mushroom specimens

The aura of the last days is favorable for mushroom picking. In many Polish forests we are dealing not only with a large amount of mushrooms, but also with exceptionally impressive specimens. A forester from Nadleśnicta Baligr & oacute; d in the north-western Bieszczady came across a huge boletus. The diameter of the mushroom's hat exceeded 40 cm and the weight was 3 kg.

“The times when people break records for the size of real carcasses behind the records. This time the forest ranger Damian Stemulak in the woods near Bystry was lucky – 3.28 kg. Congratulations” – we read in the post on social media, with attached photos giant mushroom.

Boletus rash

The foresters do not hide that we have not dealt with such a large the amount of boletus in the Bieszczady forests. The good news for mushroom pickers is that the specimens found in forests are not only quite large, but also healthy.

A lot of comments appeared under the post with the giant berry. There were expressions of admiration for the impressive mushroom, but also photos of Internet users who boasted about their finds, which are only slightly smaller than the one found by Mr. Damian.

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Did you manage to find some exceptionally large mushrooms?

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