Every second positive antigen test in Vienna was false positive

Every second positive antigen test in Vienna was false positive

Every second positive antigen test in Vienna was false positive

106 antigen tests indicated an infection on the first two days of the Vienna mass test. In 61 of these, the result was not confirmed.

In the coronavirus mass tests that have been running in Vienna since Friday (and until December 13th, note), it has now been recorded for the first time how many of the positive rapid tests have resulted in an incorrect diagnosis. It was more than half, reported a spokesman for City Councilor for Health Peter Hacker (SPÖ) on Wednesday. In the first two days, a total of 106 antigen tests had been diagnosed with infection.

However, the subsequent verification using a PCR test showed that 61 of them were negative and only 45 were positive. The results of the PCR tests are all available for the first two days. According to the spokesman, the false-positive rate based on the total number of tests was around 0.14 percent during this period. The total positive rate on the first two days was around 0.2 percent.

On Friday, the first day of the mass tests, around 24,000 people registered in Vienna. The next day, around 21,000 tests were carried out at the Stadthalle, Messe Wien and Marx-Halle locations.

Currently – as of Wednesday noon – 113,637 people have been examined at the three mass test locations in Vienna. 669 people completed a PCR test offered by the Vienna health authorities directly in the test streets. However, these have not yet been fully evaluated. The trend that the majority of those affected was actually not infected at all is likely to be confirmed according to the first data.

2000 positive out of 566,000

So far, 566,000 people have taken part in the mass tests throughout Austria, and around 2,000 newly infected people (with PCR tests) were identified. The federal government urged the population on Wednesday to make greater use of the corona mass tests. Even if the hard lockdown had worked, the number of infections in Austria was still “extremely high,” said Health Minister Rudolf Anschober after the Council of Ministers.

The mass tests are a good indicator. Nevertheless, Anschober saw a “clear need for optimization” in participating. Everything is perfectly organized there, “it must be worth half an hour for us”. Because: “Every single one who goes is a contribution.”


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