Everyone has green walnuts in their garden, but few people know about their healing properties


June 9, 2018, 17:19 | Medicine

Mid-June is the best time for harvesting, don't miss it!

Everyone has green walnuts in their garden, but few people know about their healing properties

Immature (green) walnuts have a wide range of positive effects on the human body, and therefore the fruits of milk ripeness are in great demand in folk medicine.


Green nuts are characterized by a relatively soft skin and core. They are easily pierced with a toothpick or needle. The diameter of fruits of milk ripeness is about two and a half centimeters. The core of nuts still resembles a gelatinous mass, and the shell does not have a strong shell. Their green skin is juicy and tender, does not separate from the shell, reports Ukr.Media.

Method of collection

Collection of unripe nuts are carried out in May and the first half of June. Checking whether it is time to collect the fruits, they are pierced with a large needle.

If the needle easily passed through the nut and juice began to flow from the hole, the fruits can be collected. Such nuts are easily cut with a knife.

Green walnuts are in everyone's garden, but few people know about their healing properties

Chemical composition

The unripe nut is rich in:

  • ascorbic acid (unripe nuts are not inferior in content to such sources of this vitamin as citrus fruits, rose hips and black currants);
  • vitamin PP and E, as well as group B;
  • carbohydrates;
  • carotene;
  • phytosterol;
  • tanning compounds;
  • polyunsaturated fatty acids;
  • quercetin , hyperoside and other flavonoids;
  • iodine, salt of cobalt, calcium and other minerals;
  • essential oil;
  • quinones;
  • the substance juglone, which has a bactericidal effect;
  • protein;
  • organic acid

Everyone has green walnuts in their garden, but few people know about their healing properties

Useful properties

Properties of unripe walnut:

  • strengthens health;
  • promotes healing and epithelization of wounds;
  • stops bleeding;
  • counteracts atherosclerosis;
  • has an astringent effect ;
  • has antiparasitic activity;
  • accelerates recovery after exhausting physical activity;
  • reduces the manifestation of inflammation;
  • provides a bactericidal effect;
  • li>
  • is an excellent source of ascorbic acid and iodine;
  • effectively copes with diarrhea;
  • helps to eliminate impotence due to the high content of vitamins P and E.

Unripe crushed nuts combined with honey are noted to strengthen immunity.


  • Individual intolerance to the compounds contained in unripe green nuts may occur.
  • Using walnuts milk ripeness is undesirable with an excess of iodine in the body.
  • Sometimes allergic reactions to unripe walnut fruits occur.
  • Tincture of unripe nuts on vodka is not recommended for psoriasis and neurodermatitis, as well as for gastritis (anacidic) and urticaria.


To obtain juice, washed young fruits should be cut into slices and placed in sterile jars, sprinkled with sugar. Sugar is taken twice as much as nuts. The containers are closed with a lid and infused in the refrigerator, periodically draining the liquid that forms in them. This liquid is juice. You can drink it all year round, one teaspoon per day. Also, to extract juice, a mixture of chopped nuts and sugar can be passed through a juicer.

Green walnuts are in everyone's garden, but few people know about their healing properties

Features of the juice of unripe nuts:

  • the juice obtained from the nuts of milk ripeness contains a lot of iodine and other useful substances, so it can serve as a tonic and is also recommended for hypothyroidism.
  • since the juice contains a fairly large dose of vitamin C, it is recommended for scurvy.
  • juice of milk-ripened nuts helps with sore throat. It is diluted ten times with boiled water and used for gargling several times a day.
  • rubbing the juice of unripe nuts into the skin helps to get rid of unwanted hair (for example, on the face in women). You should rub the juice once a day.

Before using the juice on the skin, it is important to test its sensitivity on a small area, and also know that the skin may temporarily acquire a yellow color.


The green peel is a good medicinal raw material:

    < li>an infusion made from such a green peel, as well as its juice, is used in traditional medicine as a remedy against muscle weakness and overfatigue.
  • by mixing such an infusion or juice with honey, an anti-tumor, anti-ulcer and blood-purifying agent is obtained.
  • a decoction of green peel is effective for eczema, skin tuberculosis, purulent rash, scabies or ringworm.
  • infusion and decoctions on the skin of green walnuts are a good prevention of caries.
  • if the skin of green walnuts is dried and crushed, the resulting powder can be used to heal wounds and stop nosebleeds.
  • after mixing such crushed skin with milk serum, an effective remedy for diffuse goiter is obtained.

Green walnuts are in everyone in the garden, but few people know about their healing properties


After crushing 100 grams of green walnuts together with the skin, the raw materials are poured with 500 ml of vegetable oil. The container with nuts and butter is kept for a month in a dark, warm place, after which the butter is filtered.

Such oil, obtained from green nuts, has a relaxing and anthelmintic effect. They can also lubricate the skin for various skin diseases. This oil also helps with varicose veins – they are recommended to lubricate dilated veins. This oil tincture, when used externally, will help with frostbite, hair loss and anal fissures. It can be taken internally – it is an effective remedy for diseases of the nervous system and kidney pathology.

Green walnuts are in everyone's garden, but few people know about their healing properties

Application in medicine

Todicamp is made from green walnuts, which is an effective remedy for treating many diseases.

  • to strengthen the stomach, it is recommended to boil green walnuts in milk. Crush four peanuts and pour 500 ml of hot milk. The mixture is boiled for five minutes, and then wrapped and infused for two hours. Filtered infusion is taken for two weeks 4 times a day before meals (in half an hour) for half a glass. Alcohol tincture of green walnuts is also effective for stomach ailments. It should be taken one month half an hour before meals three times a day for 40 drops.
  • with diarrhea. Crushing four green walnuts and mixing them with 200 ml of honey will give you an anti-diarrhea remedy. It should be taken until recovery by a teaspoon, adding it to tea (children should be given half the dose). You need to store such a product in the refrigerator.
  • tonic. To prepare medicinal raw materials based on green nuts, you need 4 pieces of fruit. They are washed, passed through a meat grinder and mixed with sugar or honey (0.5 kg). Store the product in the refrigerator. For adults, it is recommended to add it to tea three times a day, as a substitute for sugar by a tablespoon. For children, the single amount is reduced to one or two teaspoons.


Tinctures based on unripe walnuts are most often alcoholic and honey. An aqueous infusion is also made from the green pericarp, which is effective for tuberculous lesions of the lymph nodes, skin, and larynx.

To prepare an anthelmintic infusion on unripe nuts, take chopped green nuts (four tablespoons) and pour them with salted boiling water (a quarter spoon of salt per 200 ml of water). Infuse the remedy for 30 minutes, filter, divide into small portions and drink during the day.

Everyone has green walnuts in their garden, but few people know about their healing properties

Tincture on vodka

Alcoholic tincture of green walnut kernels helps with:

  • worm infestations;
  • liver diseases;
  • osteochondrosis;
  • hypertension;
  • glomerulonephritis;
  • tumors;
  • stomach diseases;
  • infertility, menopause , mastopathy;
  • stress, depression, irritability, nervousness;
  • atherosclerosis;
  • colitis;
  • exhaustion, weakness, vitamin deficiency, iodine deficiency, anemia;
  • bone diseases;
  • ENT diseases, otitis;
  • brain diseases;
  • radioactive exposure and other pathological conditions.

Treatment with such a tincture is prescribed for one month, recommending to take it three or four times a day, before meals ( in twenty minutes) from 30 to 40 drops.

Everyone has green walnuts in their garden, but few people know about their healing properties

Preparation of tincture:

  • grind 100 grams of nuts with their skins;
  • put the chopped nuts in a bottle;
  • fill the container to the top with vodka and close it well;
  • infuse a month, placing the bottle in a cool, dark place;
  • strain;
  • take in courses – after one month, take a break for one week.

Features of use:

  • to treat polycystic disease, the tincture is mixed with honey in the same proportion and infuse for 3 weeks in the refrigerator. You need to take the resulting remedy twice a day before meals, one teaspoonful.
  • alcohol tincture made from honey and green nuts will help get rid of giardia. It is taken on a teaspoon for one month, adding it to tea three times a day.
  • this tincture is also recommended for diseases of the thyroid gland. During the month, take 20 minutes before meals from 30 to 40 drops 4 times a day.
  • effective also for diabetes. Recommendations for dosage and duration of administration are the same as for thyroid diseases.
  • compresses with alcohol tincture will help get rid of heel spurs. External use is also recommended for sciatica, joint diseases and osteochondrosis.

For oncology

Green walnuts (50 grams) are passed with the skin through a meat grinder and mixed with honey (half a kilogram). The remedy should be infused for a month, and then stored in the refrigerator. It is taken three times a day before meals for lung cancer.

To make green walnuts a useful remedy for any type of cancer, mix one cup each of chopped walnuts and honey, and then add 20 grams of pharmacy tincture of iodine (5%), 1/2 cup of aloe leaves (chopped) and 20 grams of medicinal tar . All ingredients are mixed and infused for a day. For a course of treatment with such a tool, you need three portions, then take a break for a month and repeat the treatment. It is recommended to take a teaspoonful of the mixture three times a day, washed down with warm water. It is optimal to drink the drug 20 minutes before a meal.

Interesting facts

  • a decoction of unripe nuts has long been used – take it was also recommended by Hippocrates for gastric or intestinal disorders.
  • the ability of unripe nuts boiled in milk to strengthen the stomach was discovered by the ancient Greek physician Galen.
  • in Russia, doctors recommended consuming green nuts on an empty stomach, mixing them with with honey and figs.
  • French doctors in the Middle Ages prescribed a decoction of unripe nuts to patients with worms.
  • in treatises on Tibetan medicine, unripe nuts are mentioned as a remedy against malignant tumors.


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