“Everyone has their own truth”: graffiti with Zelensky and Putin appeared in Tashkent (photo, video)


A local street artist painted a picture on a jagged surface and an image each of the presidents can be seen when viewed from a different angle. A few hours later, the work was sketched.

In the capital of Uzbekistan, Tashkent, street artist Inkuzart painted graffiti depicting the presidents of Ukraine and the Russian Federation, Vladimir Zelensky and Vladimir Putin. The artist posted a video of the process of creating a new work on his Telegram page.

The picture was painted on a jagged surface, and the image of each of the presidents can be seen when viewed from different angles

He signed his work in two languages ​​- Russian and Ukrainian: “Who is right or not depends on which side to look at”, ” Whoever is right, lie on the sidelines.”

He later commented to local media and explained that the graffiti meant that everyone had their own truth and declared that he was in favor of peace.

< p>A few hours later, photos appeared on social networks from the place where the drawing was created, where it had already been painted over.

May 11 in the Irish capital Dublin sold a painting with naked Russian President Vladimir Putin. It was valued at 2,200 euros, and the proceeds from the auction were donated to the Red Cross to help Ukraine.


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