Everyone has these negative attitudes – they prevent you from making more money, get rid of them immediately


October 7, 2021, 09:34 | Business

Myths affect our earnings.

These negative everyone has setups — they prevent you from making more money, throw them away immediately

Any negative thoughts about money are negative attitudes that everyone has. If they were not in the head, then a person would have had the required level of earnings a long time ago. How myths affect our daily decisions and what to do about it was told by an expert in sales psychology, Ukr.Media informs.

Common assumptions and myths that prevent you from earning more

Big money corrupts people

Subconsciously, a person's behavior every day will be built on the basis of this belief. For example, she can postpone the search for a new job and give completely adequate reasons: she is not ready yet, she lacks qualifications or there are no good vacancies.

Money comes only with hard work

The reverse side of the previous point. People with this attitude try to work as much as possible, but for little cost.

Education is a guarantee of financial success

At the same time, a person learns a lot and still does not can start practicing his knowledge in practice. It seems that the knowledge that is already available now is not enough.

No matter how much money you make, it will still be lacking

The attitude is manifested in consumer behavior when the salary is quite decent, but it is barely enough. Again, a person always has a rational explanation for any purchase, why it is needed. Although if we look from the outside, it will become clear that not all purchases were necessary.

The rich have their whims

Three cars, expensive paid treatment, slippers for twenty thousand, it's very strange to want all that, isn't it? In fact, it's okay to want something 'unusual' when you have the money for it. This is a kind of gift to oneself for work and the ability to earn the necessary sums.

Of course, there are more myths and each of them has many formulations. Our task is to understand which ones relate to us and how to get rid of them as a result.

How to dispel myths and start making money

Any person in one way or another is prone to myths, although sometimes we unconsciously agree with something. To earn more, we need to dispel myths and assumptions in our heads and understand what we really want. To do this, you can do several simple (or not so) exercises.

Write down your settings. Opposite each, indicate why it is not true. Give an example of people who prove with their lives that this myth is false and has no logical justification. For example, the myth: “Big money means big problems”. Refutation: Anton's friend earns well, has his own business, and he is doing great.

Ask yourself: what small step can I take to get closer to my goal? The goal can be: to earn more or to be able to control your expenses. The answer will help to find new opportunities. It is difficult for us to set super big goals, because over time they begin to seem unrealistic, and motivation quickly declines. And it's easy to take a small step.

Look for an environment where people earn more, strive to become better and think more positively. Make as many people as possible near you from the first exercise. Stars, actors, bloggers are not suitable because they are too far away. Look for those who are close and whose success will not seem unreal and distant.


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