Everyone is talking about this slip-up in the “Dzień Dobry TVN” program. The guest did not know why he was invited to the studio

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Wojciech Fiedorczuk did not know why he was invited to the studio.

Everyone talks about this slip-up in the

According to the “Pomponik” portal, live programs are governed by their own laws. It is not difficult to find a slip-up in them that cannot be removed. Recently, Anna Kalczyńska and Andrzej Sołtysik had to face a rather unusual situation. Their guest confessed with disarming honesty that he did not know why he was invited to the studio. He clearly did not like the topic, which he expressed.

Everyone is talking about this slip-up

In one of the last episodes of the program “Dzień Dobry TVN”, the hosts raised the topic of fees for toilets in public space. The introduction to the conversation was the material prepared by Vito Casetti, who later also appeared on the couch in the studio. He was accompanied by the stand-up artist Wojciech Fiedorczuk.

When the comedian heard the topic of the conversation in which he was to take part, he did not hide his consternation. “I mean, I misunderstood why I was invited…” – said Fiedorczuk.

The crew didn't seem to have told the comedian what topic he was going to talk about. As he himself admitted, he was convinced that the conversation would concern artistic issues and his stage activity, “and here we are talking about such things”.

“I understand, but to immediately connect me with such matters and call me for it? I'm sorry that just…” – said the comedian, who was clearly not laughing at that moment.

Trying to get out of the situation

The host of the program, Anna Kalczyńska, tried to get out of the whole situation and suggested that this is a topic close to all of us. “Nothing human is alien to us. Don't you know that saying?” the host asked.

Fiedorczuk finally capitulated and took up a topic that did not quite suit him. He even managed to joke that in the era of raging inflation, he and his relatives switched to going to the toilet, because it is cheaper than going to a restaurant, for example.

What do you think about the whole situation?