Everyone was convinced that the woman was expecting a baby. But there was something else in her growing belly


Everyone was sure that the woman was expecting a baby. The truth turned out to be dramatic.

 Everyone was convinced that the woman was expecting a baby. But there was something else in her growing belly

According to the Gazeta portal, seeing Raquel Rodriguez, many people congratulated her on her pregnancy. Neither of these people expected the woman's situation to be dramatic. Although her belly was deceptively similar to the pregnancy one, what was behind it was definitely more dramatic.

Pregnancy belly and no pregnancy

Raquel Rodriguez is an active TikTokerka. Through the platform, she decided to share her moving story with Internet users. The woman's health problems began a few years ago. She struggled with recurring urinary tract infections. When her symptoms were joined by b & oacute; l during intercourse, she decided to undergo a gynecological consultation.

During the ultrasound examination ordered by the doctor, it turned out that there was a mucous cyst on the woman's ovary, measuring as much as 8 cm. Despite such a diagnosis, the doctor decided not to take any action. Raquel Rodriguez was not going to give up and went to consultations with other doctors. 9 visits did not bring any results.


Old draft from when ppl were sucking in their tummys… but mines got a special twist (my ovaries didnt twist tho) 😀😌😂😭 #ovariancyst #surgery #NOTpregnant

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Further ailments

In an interview with “Today”, Raquel Rodriguez admitted that she decided to seek help in the emergency room, but she only heard that her stomach “looks bloated”. Over time, the woman's belly began to grow disturbingly and resemble pregnancy curves. Many people believed that Raquel was expecting a baby and congratulated her on her condition.

The woman began to suffer from a stomachache accompanied by weight loss. The disturbing symptoms were also joined by shortness of breath and intense hair loss. The surgery and removal of the cyst were decided only a few years later! At the time of excision, Raquel's cyst weighed as much as 5 kilograms.


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Raquel admitted that her body started to return to normal and finally, the woman stopped feeling the strong pain that was hindering her daily functioning.

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