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Everything you need to know about Copilot+, the AI ​​integrated into your next PC


In May, Microsoft unveiled the new generation of computers that should equip our living rooms and offices in the coming months. These are the Copilot+ PCs, machines natively integrating many features with artificial intelligence. Until then, it was often necessary to go through third-party services to be eligible. Or to turn to the competition as with the Galaxy AI suite of options on the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra.

But the Copilot+ PCs are not just a software update, far from it, even. Indeed, the devices in question also see their keyboard change and welcome a processor specially dedicated to artificial intelligence under the hood. This is the NPU, an alternative to Apple's Neural Engine. To find out what else you need to know about these new systems, follow the guide: let's go.


An alternative to the Rewind app which was all the rage on Product Hunt, the Recall functionality allows you to find any content that has ever been displayed on your screen, even if you don't 8217;don't remember. This feat is possible thanks to screenshots taken in real time when you use the computer, and which remind you of how keyloggers work. Some people used them in the past, for example to find text typed after their machine crashed. From now on, there is no need to go through this software often described as malicious: Recall, on Copilot+, is native.

The possibilities offered by Recall are numerous. The tool can notably help you find the folder in which you had stored a file, if you have forgotten its location on the device's memory. Recall can also replace your browsing history, showing you which website was visited and when.

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Originally, Recall should have been enabled by default on Copilot+ PCs. But consumers quickly became concerned about this announcement, probably for reasons of confidentiality, so much so that the option was no longer automatically launched. Microsoft has, in fact, retraced its steps, following criticism.

Creating and editing images

On Copilot+ PCs, users can generate images as with DALL-E . To do this, you just need to use apps like Paint or Photos, already installed natively on computers equipped with artificial intelligence. Microsoft even offers different filters to decline already created content in various additional styles, thanks to the feature called Restyle. You can therefore not only create images, but also edit them, thanks to artificial intelligence.

Creating images like this is free. Judge for yourself, here is the result on a Copilot+ PC:

Everything you need to know about Copilot+, the AI ​​integrated into your next PC

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Your assistant powered by OpenAI

Obviously, beyond generating images, Copilot+ PCs also offer us the possibility of creating text or correcting it. We can also reformulate it, or obtain answers to these questions. All this, from the Copilot app which more or less takes over the functionalities of ChatGPT. It is no longer necessary to open the eponymous service in a tab of your browser, which is more practical when multitasking.

Soon, Microsoft also explains that it will be possible to better interact by voice with the Copilot app. This, thanks to the integration of the GPT-4o language model developed again by OpenAI. In the meantime, you can still test it for free also on iOS and Android, via the official mobile app.

Automated subtitles and translation

Copilot+ PCs come with a feature that automatically subtitles content filmed in a language you do not speak, with the dialect of your choice. This works for streaming videos or any type of audio recording picked up by the microphone of a Copilot+ PC. First of all, only English is supported, but in total more than forty different languages ​​will be offered for live translation. However, we do not know more about the deployment schedule at this time.

The addition of subtitles and the automatic translation of Copilot+ PCs work offline, in other words without an internet connection.

Partnerships with publishers

Microsoft apps are not the only ones to benefit from the artificial intelligence of Copilot+ PC. Indeed, this is also the case for several consumer software programs. Their developers have worked hand in hand with Redmond to improve the experience offered by their services. We can cite several examples here, such as that of Adobe. Its Photoshop platform thus offers the possibility of generating backgrounds using AI.

At the same time, Microsoft also revealed changes for CapCut. The app that allows you to edit videos for social networks allows you to detect and then remove the background from an image. Finally, those who use the djay Pro mixing app are entitled to a more qualitative version of the NeuralMix functionality. The publisher, Algoriddim, also offers the use of virtual decks on Apple Vision Pro.

Another particularity of the Copilot+ PC, that&# 8217;is the arrival of a new key on the keyboard. This allows you to automatically launch the Copilot app in order to interact with the assistant powered by artificial intelligence.

All Copilot+ PCs are equipped with this shortcut, whose importance recalls that of the Windows key launching the Start menu.

The AI ​​functionalities of Copilot+ PCs are powered by a new type of processor integrated under the chassis: the NPU, for neural processing unit. The component is also supported by Microsoft's Pluton Security chip, particularly for reasons of confidentiality.

The NPU would also be particularly energy efficient, giving us up to twenty-two hours of battery life in some cases. Of course, you will have to look at the technical sheet of each Copilot+ PC to better understand the issues of the associated motherboards.

The first Copilot+ PCs are d’ already out! Indeed, after their announcement in May 2024, the models inaugurating the range arrived in stores on June 18 of the same year. Pre-orders had started a few days earlier.

The price of Copilot+ PC obviously depends on the configuration chosen. You can find certain models from 999 dollars today, or around a thousand euros or more in mainland France. But if you want to pay the price and treat yourself to a machine worthy of the name, capable of responding to the slightest request without flinching, then you may sometimes have to pay several thousand euros.

It's up to you to decide how much you want to invest, depending on your budget. Just remember that a good laptop generally costs at least fifteen hundred euros, from manufacturers whose devices run Windows. For simple office work, however, you can afford to spend a little less.

Several dozen Windows computers are already certified like Copilot+ PC. We cannot, of course, list them all in this guide. Just remember that the following brands are currently marketing Copilot+ PCs in mainland France:

  • Lenovo
  • Samsung
  • HP
  • Acer
  • Microsoft (Surface range)
  • Asus
  • Dell

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