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Everything you need to know about the new Starlink offer at 29 euros

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Starlink is in the process of slashing prices, with a new offer, spotted in a few countries, which offers a residential connection via satellites, at only 29 euros per month. At the moment, information on the availability of this offer is unclear. But in any case, we know that it has already been offered, since February, in New Zealand. Indeed, on February 27, our colleagues at PCMag mentioned a new Starlink subscription, called Deprioritized Plan, which is an affordable version of the standard offer.

The difference is that, according to PCMag, subscribers to this subscription should expect a reduced speed, between 50 and 100 Mbps download, compared to 150 to 250 Mbps for the standard offer. On its New Zealand site, Starlink also indicates that: “Standard service will take priority over deprioritized service during peak hours. This means that speeds will be lower for deprioritized services compared to our standard Starlink service, especially when the greatest number of users are on the network.

In other words, the affordable offer allows access to Starlink at a reduced cost, but also with reduced speed, and deprioritization on the network. In any case, this week, we discovered that Starlink is already offering this new offer in European countries, but not yet in France.

Available in Spain and Italy

If you visit the residential offer section of Starlink, on its sites for Spain and Italy, you will discover that, in these countries, a new option is offered to customers. In Spain, the new subscription is called “BÁSICO” or basic, while in Italy the new option is called “BASSA PRIORITÀ” or low priority. In both cases, the affordable subscription is offered at 29 euros, while the standard offer costs 40 euros per month.

At the moment, we do not know if Starlink intends to offer this new subscription in all the countries where it operates. But, in any case, the French Starlink site still only offers the standard option at 40 euros per month, for residential users. It is entirely possible that Starlink will only offer this new subscription in countries where it has available capacity.

  • In February, Internet users spotted a new, more affordable Starlink offer, in New Zealand
  • And today, this subscription is also offered in two European countries& nbsp;: Spain and Italy (but not France)
  • While the standard offer costs 40 euros per month, this new subscription costs 29 euros
  • Users of this new subscription should expect reduced speed, and deprioritization during peak hours

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