Evil Dead: Bruce Campbell teases a new series with Ash


Actor Bruce Campbell could well bring the famous Ash from Evil Dead back to life in a new spin-off project from the horror saga.

Even though Bruce Campbell put down his chainsaw after 37 years of loyal service, the Evil Dead saga is far from having closed his Necronomicon. After a first reboot in 2013 soberly titled Evil Dead, the franchise will soon welcomeanother reboot of the film series initiated by Sam Raimi: Evil Dead: Rise.

This new installment that is not expected to have any connection to the previous feature will be directed by Lee Cronin, set in the urban setting of Los Angeles and revolves around two sisters whose reunion is cut short by an invasion of demons after they discover a mysterious book in their building. We'll let you guess which one.

Bruce Campbell and his soulmate

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The franchise should thus continue to move forward even without its cult protagonist, which does not mean that Ash Williams is doomed to disappear completely from the cultural landscape after the sad end of the series Ash vs Evil Dead (of which we have listed the 5 best episodes) . Last May, the 64-year-old actor again lent his voice to the character in the very stupid but very good Evil Dead: The Game, while a recent interview with Collider during the Comic- Con de San Diego was an opportunity for him to tease the development of a new series, but this time animated:

You can design the future much easier in animation. I still have Ash's voice. My voice hasn't been abused as much as my body, so I can still do that shit. So I'll still make video games and we're already talking about an animated [series].“.

Evil Dead: The Game

Bruce Campbell had already mentioned in December 2021 the possibility from an animated series with Ash. On the other hand, the project is not yet guaranteed to materialize and no element of the story has been revealed. Given that the series in action ended in a post-apocalyptic future, it's not impossible that the animated series could serve as a sequel. Unless it's yet another reboot returning to the first three parts of the saga.

For its part, Evil Dead: Rise should be released this year on HBO Max. No announcement regarding the release and exploitation in France has yet been made.


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