Ewa Błaszczyk shared great news. The actress' dream came true

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Ewa Błaszczyk shares happy news. What?

Ewa Błaszczyk shared great news. The actress's huge dream came true

According to the “Goniec” portal, Ewa Błaszczyk shared the joyful news with the Poles. Soon, the “Alarm Clock” clinic will open, where adults in a coma will be admitted. The building is to be commissioned in mid-December this year. The actress revealed when the first patients will arrive there.

Another “Alarm Clock” opens

An alarm clock for adult coma patients is being built since 2020. It wasn't easy, first the outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic, and now the raging prices. Fortunately, the work is nearing completion and the clinic is to be ready in mid-December. Then the building is to be commissioned, although it does not mean that the first patients will be able to visit the clinic then.

After the building is commissioned, it will be necessary to apply for a contract with the National Health Fund. “We will accept the first patient on March 1, 2023,” revealed Ewa Błaszczyk. The actress does not hide that her huge dream comes true.

Ewa Błaszczyk shared great news. A huge dream of an actress has been fulfilled

She admitted that she was inspired to open “Alarm Clock” for adults by the positive effects they achieve in waking children from comas.

Ewa Błaszczyk still believes in a miracle

She herself experienced a family tragedy two decades ago when her daughter Ola fell into a coma after choking on a tablet . Unfortunately, her daughter has not been able to wake up so far, and although Ewa Błaszczak and her second daughter still do not lose hope that one day Ola will be able to wake up again.

“Hope dies. You never know” – said the actress in one of the interviews. It's hard to disagree with this, medicine has proven many times that progress pushes the boundaries of the impossible.

Ewa Błaszczyk shared great news. We managed to fulfill the huge dream of the actress

Do you also share the optimism of the actress?

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