Ewa Minge honestly about her health. She showed her real face


Ewa Minge revealed on Instagram what really determines the appearance of her face.

Ewa Minge honestly about her health. She showed her true face

The well-known fashion designer Ewa Minge has been very popular in the media for a long time, thanks to her unique and extraordinary design, and thanks to his amazing talent for metamorphosing his own appearance.

Unknown facts about designer Ewa Minge's illness

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Celebrity struggles r & oacute; also with very cruel and indiscriminate comments about the appearance of her face, which seems to undergo very invasive beautification treatments.

The star has never mentioned the disease that torments her, which works, among other things, on the deterioration of the skin on her face.

As it turns out, Ewa Minge is struggling with liver disease related to the amount of medications she takes. ; w, and a very bothersome allergy, which has recently made itself felt. The designer published a very extensive post on her Instagram profile explaining why her face changes so much.

When we look at her Instagram profile, we notice a shy mention of the problems and the need to find an eminent dermatologist in the face of the disease and to work closely with him.

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Man does not live by beauty alone … 🤷 & zwj; ♀️. A mixture of allergies and the consequences of its treatment … the liver does not process drugs. And if I had to go to an event … put on makeup, camouflage and we have the monster ready. And yet we are sometimes different, we feel different, we have better and worse days, and obligations, unfortunately, are not all transferable. […] – the designer wrote on Instagram.

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What do you think about the hate that is still pouring on a celebrity?


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