Ex-Prime Minister Cameron and others: Russia has expanded sanctions against British politicians and the media


Ex-Prime Minister Cameron and others: Russia has expanded sanctions against British politicians and media

Journalists from the leading British media – Times, BBC, Guardian, Daily Telegraph, Economist, Sun, ITV and Sky News. There are 39 British citizens on the list in total.

Russia has expanded its sanctions list against British citizens to include 39 more politicians, businessmen and journalists. The corresponding statement appeared today on the official website of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

“In connection with the continued application by the UK government of the mechanism of sanctions restrictions against representatives of the socio-political circles of Russia, domestic economic operators and the media, it was decided to include in the Russian “stop list” a number of British politicians, businessmen and journalists who contribute to London's hostile course aimed at to the demonization of our country and its international isolation,” the Foreign Ministry of the aggressor country clarifies.

Everyone on the sanctions list is banned from entering the Russian Federation.

In the first place in the so-called “stop list” was the former prime minister of the United Kingdom, David Cameron. He is known not only for his anti-war statements, but also for the fact that he personally brought humanitarian cargo to the Russian-Polish border.

The aggressor country included other British politicians in the list: member of the House of Lords George Robertson, leader of the party Labor Party members Keith Starmer, Deputy Minister of Transport Wendy Morton, as well as a number of deputies and officials from Scotland.

British media are on the “stop list” of the Russian Federation

Journalists are on the sanctions list of the aggressor country leading British media. In particular, Times columnist David Aaronovitch, Guardian military news editor Dan Sabbah, Daily Telegraph European news editor James Crisp, as well as representatives of the Economist, Sun, ITV and Sky News channels.

The BBC was sanctioned head of the news service Jonathan Munro, TV presenter Hugh Edwards and producer Robert Peston.

Russia warned that they would continue to expand the “stop list” because of “the destructive desire of London under far-fetched and absurd pretexts to spin the sanctions flywheel” .


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