EXCLUDED. “We said everything to each other” Adrien Truong balances on his relationship with Léna


EXCLUDED. “We’ve said it all ” Adrien Truong balances on his relationship with Léna

During in an exclusive interview given to the editorial staff of melty, Adrien Truong swayed on his relationship with Léna, his former girlfriend.

Adrien Truongis one of the new reality TV candidates. And yes, unlike others, it was only very recently that the young man joined this environment. As a reminder, he was revealed to the general public in 2021 in The Princes and Princesses of Love 5. In this show, he came as a suitor for Léna whom he tried to seduce for long weeks. Finally, the one who is currently in the cast of Apprentis Aventuriers 5 managed to please the former candidate of Marseillais. If in the romance program of W9 they got together, unfortunately, their story ended shortly after filming.

And while they have both turned the page of this idyll, during an interview granted to the editorial staff of melty, Adrien Truong has agreed to return to his relationship with Léna. At first, he said, I still remember some really good times. I think that if we made the decision to go on the adventure together and everyone could see that we were together outside of the adventure, it was going well. It is useless to remember the bad sides, we do not move forward with resentment so I keep very good memories. She is a pretty, intelligent girlAfterwards, wewere not made to be together. It’s just life I guess! ».

Adrien Truong and Léna are no longer in contact

Then, the Apprentis Aventuriers 5 candidate revealed if he was still in contact with the current girlfriend of Adil Rami. “Today,we have no more contact. I don’t know if we’re on good terms but I think wesaid everything we had to say the last time we spoke. I heard that she was making her life, I am making mine and it’s very good like that, he confided. The love story between Adrien Truong and Léna is therefore definitely to be combined in the past.