Exhaustion after Covid 19 illness: what to do?

Exhaustion after Covid 19 illness: what to do?

Exhaustion after Covid 19 illness: what to do?


Officially, over 341,000 patients have recovered from a corona infection. However, recovery does not necessarily mean that the patient is completely healthy again. Because with Covid-19 there are different Secondary diseases and symptoms. This includes Lung problems, nerve damage, impaired sense of smell and taste. But also that sick people suffer from constant exhaustion. What perspectives and opportunities do those affected who lack strength after surviving infection have?

A lot comes together in an infection. The nose is closed, the head is booming, the throat is scratchy. But in addition to these complaints, there is another symptom that sick people are tied to bed: this absolute exhaustion. Powerlessness with the slightest effort. This is called fatigue in medicine. It occurs in various serious infections. Also with Covid-19 diseases as post-viral fatigue. But with Covid-19, the pathological exhaustion lasts for a particularly long time, observed Carmen Scheibenbogen, Professor of Clinical Immunology at Charité Berlin:

What was noticed early on with Covid is that many people reported persistent symptoms even after several weeks. The most common symptom reported was fatigue.

Carmen Scheibenbogen, immunologist

Even after six to eight months, many patients still report fatigue, the scientist says. A symptom that not only occurs with the disease itself, but also persists for many in the long term as a result of Covid-19. So far, there is no explanation for the fact that the fatigue remains so long. However, there are theories:

What we tend to think is that the immune system has messed up on the level (…) of so-called autoimmunity. Because part of the immune system also reacts with the body’s own structures. We not only have an immune system to make antibodies against Covid, but part of our immune system also controls the body functions. This may not have settled down for a long time after an infection.



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