Experts told about the benefits of fractional power

Experts in the field of dietetics claim that there is no universal recommendation as to how many times a day should be eaten, because it is individual and depends on the state of human health. Most of the still better to stick to a fractional power mode, that is, to eat small portions every 3-4 hours.

Эксперты рассказали о пользе дробного питания

For people who have frequent meals can provoke insulin resistance and, as a consequence, recruitment of excess weight, an excellent option nutrition food 3-4 times a day. While patients with gastritis or have problems with obesity experts recommend a fractional power, as it eliminates the “hungry secretion” and reduces the volume of the stomach. Also, this mode is useful to normalize metabolism and gastrointestinal tract.

The main rule, which is to adhere at the fractional power, must be the lack of quality snacks of simple carbohydrates, i.e., candy or pastries. To replace them you can, for example, homemade vegetable salad with a slice of baked or boiled meat, dried fruit, nuts, low fat cottage cheese or yogurt, fresh sour-sweet fruits.

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