Extorting taxi drivers through which passengers pay more


June 9, 2022, 12:37 | Auto

Everyone should know this so as not to pay for their own stupidity.

Swindle taxi drivers through which passengers pay more< /p>

Taxi drivers have long been regarded as a special caste of people, capable of numerous tricks and tricks. Even the development of modern technologies and the active spread of applications for calling a taxi do not help to get rid of the clever employees of the taxi fleet, informs Ukr.Media.

Everyone should know these methods so as not to pay for their own stupidity in the future, even though that the cost of the trip was indicated even before it began.

Waiting for the passenger in another place

Each passenger has the right to about 5 minutes of free waiting. After that, a minute of downtime will cost money. Drivers, like passengers, know about this nuance, so they often try to do everything possible so that the customer does not have time to board on time. This is done very simply: the taxi driver arrives somewhere further than the assigned place, for example, to a nearby entrance or stops at the end of the house. Most often, this behavior is justified by the inaccuracy of the entered coordinates in the application. You can avoid this quite simply: indicate the exact place of boarding and immediately call the taxi driver, if he has already indicated the start of the wait, and the car cannot be found.

Additional services

Driver assistance when loading things, a large trunk or parking in a traffic jam — all these "services" absolutely free, and the size of the car does not affect the cost of the trip. The same applies to assistance from the driver: it refers exclusively to voluntary impulses, and demanding money for it is unacceptable. Parking in a traffic jam is paid only if the trip has a per-minute rate. Otherwise, the passenger always has the right to complain to the taxi driver.

Premature order closure

Most often, this happens on long routes: the driver offers the passenger to finish the trip a little earlier, and pay the rest of the amount personally to the taxi driver. At the same time, so that the passenger is more willing to make concessions, he is offered some "share" — the trip becomes cheaper than it was indicated earlier. However, you should not rejoice prematurely: most often at the end of the trip, the passenger is in for a surprise when it turns out that the cost of the service has increased significantly. The taxi driver can explain this in different ways: that the journey turned out to be longer than it originally was, that it is an extra payment for parking in traffic jams, or simply a “nice service to a good person''.

Please cancel the order

Most often, this can happen without the desire and knowledge of the client. As soon as the passenger gets into the car, the driver cancels the trip and asks the client to pay for the service in cash. In this way, taxi drivers try to earn a little more, without giving part of their earnings to the “taxi supplement''. However, at the same time, they can also increase the cost of the trip, which is not very beneficial for the passenger.

Require additional payment for the transportation of small children or animals

The reluctance to drive a child is quite obvious: the uncivilized behavior of a child can lead to damage to the car interior. The same applies to animals. But even in this case, you should not rush. It is enough to indicate in the comments to the order that you will have a child with you, so that the taxi driver independently decides whether to take the order to work or not. He can simply refuse to provide services, but he should not demand additional payments for the trip!

In any case, it is important to know your rights and always remember them. If the taxi driver still insists on some additional amounts for the trip, you can always contact his employer. This method usually allows you to quickly return the money and save your nerves, without entering into conflicts with unscrupulous taxi drivers.


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