Extremely fun!  “Eminem” wants a PS5 for Christmas in parody

Extremely fun! “Eminem” wants a PS5 for Christmas in parody

Extremely fun!  “Eminem” wants a PS5 for Christmas in parody

Saturday Night Live shows how you want a PS5 from Santa Claus – Screenshot: YouTube – Image: (C) Sony – Image montage: DailyGame

Die Comedy-Sketch-Show Saturday Night Live (US broadcast on NBC) used their latest episode to show the persistent shortages in the PS5 console with a cover by Eminem ft. Dido „Stan“ zu parodieren.

The video with the comedian Pete Davidson (who plays Eminem) shows obsessive fan “Stu” writing to Santa Claus asking for the next generation console he calls “the only thing that keeps me alive.”

“I tried to buy one at Walmart / walked around the mall like Paul Blart / tried to find one for sale / but the thing is they are all out / yo, i even went to a game stop / but then I thought: “Oh, wait, stop” / Santa Claus can make one, the man has his own workshop. “

“Stan” was a hit single from Eminem in 2000.

The video is really worth watching for all gamers, not just people who want to buy a PS5. Even Eminem to see yourself in it.

Due to the impact of Covid-19 on delivery times, delivery issues for PS5 and Xbox Series X are expected to continue this year.

More about the Sony PlayStation 5 (PS5)

Sony has produced significantly more consoles than in 2013 when the PS4 was launched, but the quantity delivered was not enough to cover all pre-orders. The company itself has said it was the “biggest console launch ever” for them. PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan spoke of the fact that in 12 hours the sales of 12 weeks of the PlayStation 4 were exceeded. The hype is certainly fueled even further with comedy parodies like this. Even Eminem has immortalized itself in this video that has almost 1 million views after less than a day.

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