Facebook and Instagram limit advertising based on the gender of minor users

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Facebook and Instagram limit advertising based on gender of underage users

Meta will limit advertising. The options for advertisers to target users under the age of 18. The company has informed this Tuesday that as of February it will eliminate the possibility of launching personalized advertising to minors on Facebook and Instagram This is based on your gender.

This new restriction is in addition to the one applied in 2021. Meta then withdrew the restriction. advertising segmentation based on the activity and interests of those users. Since then, advertisers cannot make use of this data on the behavior of minors to remotely target advertising to them.

Still, businesses that advertise on Facebook and Instagram may still use minor user data like age or location to make their ads more accurate. .

Among the new measures announced by Meta include tools so that users of these social networks underage can limit what they can do online. what kind of ads they see, giving them the ability to limit advertising on topics that don't interest them.

Advertising business

However, users will not be able to completely disable ads. Around 90% of the income from Meta, which last year entered the a total of 120.180 million dollars, depend on advertising. Both Facebook and Instagram collect a large amount of data from users that allows them to create personalized profiles. This possibility of segmenting in detail, and therefore making their ads more effective, is what leads all kinds of companies to pay Meta to advertise on their platforms.

This lucrative business You may now be walking a tightrope. At least in Europe. And it is that on January 4, the Irish Data Protection Commission, the regulatory body of the European Union (EU), imposed a fine of 390 million euros on Meta considering that the fact of not giving users who want to register to Facebook and Instagram the option of refusing to be objects of personalized advertising violates European laws.