Facebook and Instagram will detect suspicious adults who contact minors

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Facebook and Instagram will detect suspected adults who contact minors

Adults suspected of harassing minors will have it on their hands. It is no more difficult to act on Facebook and Instagram. Meta, the company that owns both social networks, he announced. This Monday in a statement on his blog, he will change his privacy policies that will affect all users who are under 16 or 18 years of age, depending on each country.< /p>

These changes will make your settings more private by default, thus limiting access to your settings. who can see your profiles, your posts, your friends lists, as well as other personal details.

Another way to try to protect underage users will be to protect them. So both Facebook and Instagram will detect suspicious adults. What? It means that? Both applications will identify as suspicious accounts that belong to adults and that have been blocked or reported by young users. These profiles will no longer appear in recommendations that suggest new friends.

In addition, Instagram studies that these suspicious users cannot send private messages to minor users, a frequent channel for harassment. These measures do not enter into assessing what what will happen If this possible situation of harassment occurs between users who are both minors.

Meta is also available. The company is working with the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC) to design a platform open to other youth-serving tech companies to prevent intimate teen photography. circulating online without their consent.

Mental impact on minors

This decision comes more than a year after Instagram changed its policies. New registered youth user accounts were made private by default.

The social networking giant was then forced to take action after suffering its biggest It created a reputational crisis when internal documents exposed its impact on the mental health of adolescents. Reports leaked by former engineer Frances Haugen then revealed that, among other abuses, the company was aware that Instagram produces “increasing levels of anxiety and depression” and that “the relationship with their body worsens” for 32% of the girls. Despite knowing about this toxic impact, the company had not done anything to reverse this situation.< /p>

User protests over this and other scandals forced Instagram to abandon its idea of ​​creating a version of the platform for children under 13, a project they canceled in September of the year. ;or past.

While mounting pressure has led Meta to take more steps to protect the experience of its younger users, there are reasons to think that move is about This was purely a commercial ploy Last year, a multi-NGO investigation pointed out that both Facebook and Instagram continue to track the online activity of their users under the age of 18 to target them with personalized advertising. , something that a priori restricted in July 2021. After all, ads make up over 90% of Meta's business.