Facebook “broke” for the second time in the last three days

Facebook «сломался» второй раз за последние три дня

Thursday, November 28, users Facebook again complain about the failures of the popular social network. Previous large-scale failure occurred on Monday, November 25.

Service Downdetector cites statistics that show the value of different types of failures: 36% of users had problems with the entrance, 33% — update tape and 31% said about the complete “blackout”.

Most of the complaints were from users of Montreal and of the American cities of Detroit and San Diego. In Europe there are problems in London, Warsaw, Tokyo. Complaints from Ukraine.

Facebook «сломался» второй раз за последние три дня

. A lot of Telegram users are forced to repeatedly restart the messenger, or to use alternative applications.

We read in the Telegram channel, Facebook and Twitter

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