Facebook has created an application for sharing photos and videos

Facebook создал приложение для обмена фото и видео

The new Facebook app is available today, but the company is still not sure of its feasibility

Group experimental projects Facebook called NPE Team, has released another app. It was called Hobbi and is designed to enable users to document their personal projects and Hobbies.

As TechCrunch explains, Hobbi has borrowed a lot from Pinterest, but goes much further. The app aims “to help fans collect pictures of their projects in the thematic collection.” For example, you can create different themed collections for decorative art, recipes, cooking and much more, reports the edition “Comments”.

What distinguishes Hobbi from other applications in Facebook, and Pinterest, so this lack of social networking component. In fact, the app is designed to organize Hobbies and ideas of the user, and the only social component is the ability to create “video” video to share it with other platforms.

Facebook said the app, created by a team of NPE, can “very quickly to change and will be closed if we know that they are useless to the people.” Hobbi new app from the App Store can be downloaded today.

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