Facebook is testing a feature to allow up to five profiles


Facebook is testing a feature to allow up to five profiles

Facebook appears to be taking a step back from its real-name policy with its test feature that allows for the creation of up to five profiles linked to an account.

Meta has announced that its flagship social network, Facebook, is implementing ways for users to have up to five profiles attached to an account.

This is a change of course on the part of the company, which has required since its creation in its user policies to register its real name (if in doubt, Facebook can ask for an identity document to prove the veracity of the name used, otherwise the account may be suspended).

This will help people to personalize their experience according to their interests and connections, for example, by posting different types of content for loved ones, Meta said in a statement.

The company will continue to require each user to have only one Facebook account, with a primary profile that continues to use the person's real name. People will be able to access any other profiles they create after logging into this account.

This change gives people formal leeway to partially anonymize their identity on the most important social network in the world. In its statement, Meta clarified that its rules against impersonation and other types of misrepresentations of identity would continue to apply to all profiles. /p>

The option of multiple profiles is already offered on competing social networks, such as TikTok, Twitter and the Instagram application, which is also owned by Meta.

A spokesperson for Meta said the company was testing this new approach in select countries, but declined to specify which ones.


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