Facebook will remove several information fields from profiles, including religion

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Facebook will remove several information fields from profiles, including religion

Facebook profiles will undergo a slimming cure from December 1st.

Internet users will no longer be able, starting next month, to enter information such as their religion, political opinion, address or sexual orientation (the “Interested in” field) on their Facebook profile.

The social network has informed its users that it intends to implement these changes from December 1.

Solicited by the specialized site TechCrunch, a spokesperson for Facebook said that these changes to the profile were intended to facilitate the use of the social network.

In our efforts to make Facebook easier to use, we're removing a handful of profile fields: “Interest In”, “Religious Views”, “Political Views” and "Address", the spokesperson said in a statement.

“We send notifications to people who have filled in these fields to let them know that they will be deleted. This change does not affect people's ability to provide this information about themselves elsewhere on Facebook.

— A Facebook spokesperson

It was social media consultant Matt Navara who first spotted the change. He posted a tweet with screenshots of said notice which was forwarded to internet users whose target fields were filled in.

Beginning of the Twitter widget. Skip widget? End of Twitter widget. Back to the top of the widget?

The email also gives users the opportunity to download their data related to these fields before it is removed from Facebook.

Meta recently announced the loss of 13% of its workforce, or 11,000 people , the largest wave of layoffs in its history.

With information from TechCrunch

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