Faced with inflation, Prince Edward Island debates raising the minimum wage


Faced with inflation, Prince Edward Island debates raising the minimum wage

The minimum wage has increased by 70 cents this year, but the inflation rate of 11.1% is the highest in the country.

The minimum wage is $13.70 per hour in Prince Edward Island.

While Prince Edward Island's inflation rate -Edward is the highest in the country, residents of the province have until July 14 to submit their minimum wage proposals to the Employment Standards Board.

This provincial body is responsible for employment standards legislation and reviews the minimum wage annually. After this examination, it presents its recommendation to the government.

The minimum wage increased by 70 cents in Prince Edward Island on April 1. Islanders earning minimum wage have since been paid $13.70 an hour.

This 5.4% increase is not enough to counter inflation, which was 11.1% in the province in May.

In comparison, it was 8.8% at the same time in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.

It is obvious that the minimum wage must increase. You have to get a living wage, says Ann Wheatley, the coordinator of the Cooper Institute, a center for education and community development in the province.

If employers offer better wages, they will attract employees who want to keep their jobs because their wages will allow them to live decently, she adds.

Members of the province's business community say they are in favor of a slight increase in the minimum wage, but point out that too high an increase could jeopardize the post-pandemic economic recovery.

I don't think small businesses in the community should bear the heavy burden of inflation alone, says Greater Charlottetown Chamber of Commerce CEO Robert Godfrey. We are all trying to rebuild ourselves.

Robert Godfrey, CEO of the Greater Charlottetown Chamber of Commerce.< /p>

For its part, Statistics Canada reports that in April, the average wage in the province was $968.92 per week.

This is 17% lower than the national average.

With information from Arturo Chang de CBC


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