Fairy Aida revealed what awaits us in the coming 2023. Do we have reason to be concerned

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Fairy Aida reveals what awaits us in 2023.

Aida's wife revealed what awaits us in the coming 2023. Do we have reason to be concerned

As the portal “Interia” reminds, Aida Kosjan- The newcomer is very popular on the web. Many Internet users closely follow her activity. The visionary shares her visions of the future with Poles, as well as valuable advice. Now she has shared her predictions for the upcoming 2023. What did she say?

Aida Kosjan-Przybysz about the coming year

Supporters of Aida Kosjan-Przybysz value her for not only scaring with her visions, but also trying to see what is good. He also shares advice that helps us find ourselves in everyday life. She shares her visions for the future both in social media and during interviews.

Recently, the fairy Aida appeared at Odeta Moro's “Onet Rano”. It was on this program that she shared her premonitions about the coming year. He admits that we have a “very interesting year” ahead of us.

What we need to prepare for

“The triangle at the end of the year makes me feel that we will have to take very good care of this inner triangle of power – soul, mind and body” – emphasized the fairy Aida, adding that each of us should find in ourselves way to “awaken, maintain or stop this harmony”.

Aida Kosjan-Przybysz also referred to economic issues, which occupy our attention particularly intensively in the era of rampant inflation. “In my opinion, when it comes to money, the stock exchange can surprise us, prices can surprise us” – she said, although it is not known whether it will be a positive or rather a negative surprise.

What do you think about Aida Kosjan-Przybysz's announcement about the coming year?

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