Fallout: Amazon unveils the first image of its series adapted from the video game

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Amazon Prime Video has unveiled the very first image from its Fallout series, adapted from the eponymous video game.

The space opera (with the exception of the adaptations of Star Wars and Mass Effect) is still struggling today to convince on the video game scene. The sector and players have long turned to other approaches to science fiction, starting with the post-apocalyptic current dear to Mad Max. Fear of the bomb, anguish at the end of the world as we know it… these obsessions seduce a large part of the public fond of video games. We can cite a mix of Stalker, Borderlands, Metro or even Fallout mythical series created by Bethesda studios.< /p>

The notoriety of Fallout has also crossed borders for some time for good and bad reasons (connoisseurs remember Fallout 4 bugs). However, the game now has such an important aura that Amazon has decided to produce a series revolving around the world of video games. However, after revealing and expanding the cast of its Fallout series in recent months, the e streaming giant has just revealed on Twitter the first photo of this adaptation of the post-apocalyptic world strong>.

If no face appears clearly on the image and if many elements remain blurred, this first photo still provides us with a valuable indication of the environment chosen by the scriptwriters. The characters are at first sight in one of the typical video game fallout shelters, probably number 33 (number inscribed visible on the uniform of two of the protagonists present). As for the background, it respects the artistic direction of the game itself quite well.

The photo released on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the franchise does not tell us more, but arouses curiosity for this Amazon project. Fallout is one of the flagship licenses of the video game world to be adapted into series soon with The Last of Us, produced by HBO Max.

Overseen by Westworld showrunners Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy, Fallout has on paper, all the assets to convince even if this first image does not provide us with information concerning the era adopted by the creators and does not specify if this transposition of Bethesda's game is based on one of the opuses of the saga in particular.

As of now, no release date has yet been confirmed for the Amazon series. We are currently waiting with some impatience for the first trailer of this new program.

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