False representative fraud claims victims in Quebec City


False representative fraud is claiming victims in Quebec City

The elderly are particularly targeted by this type of fraud, explains the SPVQ. (Archives)

People pretend to be representatives of financial institutions to scam others in the Capitale-Nationale and its surroundings. The Quebec City Police Service (SPVQ) warns the public against this type of fraud.

Seniors, the majority of whom are women, are targeted by this scam , the SPVQ said in a statement.

The modus operandi is simple: a fraudster calls a victim and tries to pose as a representative of any financial institution.

The fraudster then tells her that she has been the victim of fraud and thus offers her solutions to protect herself and obtain new credit cards.

Among the solutions proposed, the false representative asks the victim to insert cards and PINs in an envelope that he will come to collect later.

The authorities remind the public that no member of the police, government or financial institutions uses this method. Therefore, it is recommended not to give in to pressure and never give out credit and debit cards.

The SPVQ also asks people to be vigilant and to contact the authorities in case of doubt.


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