Famous players become medics

Известные футболисты стали медработниками

Former football player of Spanish football club Celta Tony Dovale in a pandemic coronavirus went to work in the pharmacy of his seven. It is reported by Marca.

The player returned to Spain before Christmas and got a job in a pharmacy in Galicia when the country began to spread of the coronavirus. Dovale stood for “Salto” from 2009 to 2014 and has played for the club more than 50 games.

Also the current President of the Lisbon “sporting” Frederic Varandas responded to the appeals of the Portuguese government and went to work as a doctor at the time of the pandemic coronavirus, according to the newspaper ABola.

“I have served the country previously and would do so again. Going to do it while in Portugal the military situation”, – said Varandas.

By the way, Varanda has a medical education. He also worked as a military doctor during the conflict in Afghanistan. He suspended his military career in 2013, after the election of a Deputy to munitsipalnih elections.

It is noted that Varandas not seek to occupy an administrative position, and aim to work in the field.

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