Fans are worried about Małgorzata Ohme's future in “Dzień dobry TVN”. The journalist's words will not calm them down. “It's a gift that I stayed so much in it”


Will Małgorzata Ohme disappear from the “Dzień dobry TVN” program?

 Fans are worried about Małgorzata Ohme's future in

According to the portal “Jastrząb Post”, recently there have been numerous speculations about the future of Małgorzata Ohme in the program “Dzień dobry TVN”. She even indicates her potential successor, who is to be Małgorzata Rozenek Majdan. Will this really happen?

Will Małgorzata Rozenek-Majdan beat Małgorzata Ohme with breakfast?

Recently, there has been a lot of speculation about the future of Małgorzata Ohme in “Dzień dobry TVN”. The journalist runs the program in a duet with Filip Chajzer. There is, however, a voice that Ohme's days at the station are numbered. There is even the name of her potential successor, who would be Małgorzata Rozenek-Majdan.

It is no secret that Radek Majdan's wife has long had a taste for becoming a breakfast TV presenter. She spoke about it in an interview with Kuba Wojew & oacute; dzki and Piotr Kędzierski. So far, however, her dream has not come true.

Małgorzata Ohmeo of her work

In an interview with Newseria Lifestyle, Małgorzata Ohme admitted that she herself cannot believe that she managed to keep TVN as a breakfast host for so long. She has been working there for three years and each subsequent one is a “gift” to her.

She added that she would always be grateful to Edward Miszczak for giving her a chance. She also revealed that she is friends with Filip Chajzer, and their relationship does not end only with running the program. They also talk a lot with each other outside the set and are extremely understanding with each other.

Many people in the interview with Ohme see a lot of uncertainty about its future at breakfast TVN. This is how you perceive it too?


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