Fans of Ben Affleck did not let him smoke in peace (video)


    Fans Ben Affleck was not allowed to smoke in peace (video)

    Fans could not pass by when they saw Ben Affleck, who was smoking on the doorstep of the hotel.

    American actor and director Ben Affleck, who is now on his honeymoon in Paris with his new wife Jennifer Lopez, walking the streets of the most romantic city in the world, accompanied by several security guards, cannot be left alone for a minute.

    So, a video appeared on the Web, which shows how the actor, who went out to smoke, was surrounded by a crowd of fans who strove to take a picture with a celebrity.

    Judging by the frames, Ben showed remarkable patience, and in between puffs he found time to give another fan the opportunity to do with him a picture. Among those who wanted to be photographed with a world celebrity were both men and a couple of women. One of Affleck's bodyguards was watching everything that was happening on the sidelines.

    After a short photoset, the actor threw his cigarette into the trash and disappeared outside the hotel door.

    In Paris, the couple look very happy, and Jennifer even case changes designer outfits.


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